Twabbit: An Alternative Twitter Client For Windows Phones

If you’re anything like me, a Twitter user and a Windows Phone User, you’ll probably feel a tiny bit disappointed. Looking at the Twitter client for Android and iOS you can quickly see a distinct lack of quality and smoothness which you don’t get with the Windows Phone Official Twitter app. To be honest, it always feels like you’re missing something which makes Twitter the powerhouse social network we all love and use.

In my opinion, it’s time to branch out and look for alternative Twitter apps which will provide a better user experience. When searching through the various options I was often disappointed in service and just how basic some apps were – that’s when I came across Twabbit.

Twabbit is a fully functioning and accessible app which possesses everything you need to use Twitter the way you want to. Read on to find out more!

Exploring The Application

Opening up the app you are presented with the normal interface of Twitter – a timeline showing Tweets. One little funny feature I found is when you go to Tweet, the application presents a message of “Wazzup.”, a relaxed and fun approach to the tweeting experience. Exploring deeper, you have the standard interactions and inbox for keeping up with friends.

It’s the “Me” page which I like the best. The first thing you’ll notice is that you have a specific section for “my retweets” and “my tweets retweeted.” Something I didn’t like about the standard Twitter client was that you couldn’t track your retweeted tweets very easily and it was often hard to see how much attention you were actually receiving. On the “me” page you also have a section at the top which will show your most recent Tweet.

The Twabbit timeline.

Looking for individual things is something which seems like a breeze. With great search features, it won’t take you long to get to your location. Once you’re on a Tweeters’ profile, you can see statistics such as followers, Tweets and date joined. One piece of information which I found interesting was that you can also see your average tweets per day — a small feature which was fun to discover.

Twabbit’s developers have thought about every detail when it comes to a Tweeter’s experience, and it’s something I really like.

Settings And Options

Opening up settings you have a range of different options which allow you to customize your experience. The first tab is ” Accounts.” Here you can quickly change between different accounts, accessing different hubs quickly. Scrolling to your right, you have “Timeline.” This allows you to choose the amount of Tweets the app fetches as well as number of cached Tweets. You also have options here to change how you refresh your timeline. General allows you to change the vibration and lock orientation.

Changing settings.

The next two tabs labelled “Send Tweet And Picture” allow you to edit location settings and take methods to reducing the quality of images to save battery and data. The final tab is my favorite though and it’s called “Read Later”. This allows you to verify your Pocket Or Instapaper account with the application. Joining up these apps can be very powerful and make your timeline much easier to handle.

Gesture Settings are something which really impressed me about this application, giving the user extra options which were relatively unknown before. Firstly, these can be accessed from the bottom of the page and allow you to modify the information you are brought to when clicking on certain things. These consist of four categories: “Tap on tweet text will take you to…”, “Tap on username will take you to…”, “Tap on user picture will take you to…”, and “Hold on tweet icon will take you to…”

With each, you have a range of options. For example for the first: “Tap on tweet text will take you to…” The options are: Tweet detailed, reply, direct message, profile and quote. Even though this is a relatively small feature and won’t make such a big difference in the everyday usage of Twabbit, I do like little personalized settings like this — they make apps like this functional to the masses and create a buzz in the user’s mind.

Switching between different accounts.

As you can quickly see, the amount of settings which you can alter is massive compared to the lack of options available normally. Twabbit has definitely thought about how users would like to change Twitter to their needs.


The interface of Twabbit is something which has impressed me the most. When looking back at the old Twitter client now I often feel disappointed that I didn’t change any earlier.

With a basic layout which can be edited towards your preferences in the settings, this interface is again suited towards the user. It gives you everything you need and more Twabbit is a great client for anyone.


However, one thing which is always going to come up is the fact that Twitter is normally a free application. And this is the same across many of the popular social networking which has caused people to think that paying for their social networks is wrong. Even I am conscious of spending on a service which I would regard as free and easily accessible. Twabbit is £1.29.

Checking out people’s Twitter profiles.

To put that into perspective this seems like a relatively cheap app compared to those which will cost you around £5-10 – which I feel is astronomical for apps and should only be purchased if really needed. Paying £1.29 is a very small amount and something which shouldn’t break the bank.

Twabbit also offers a free trial of its application, however, this will contain advertisements and won’t give you the full package. Although, this does give you a taster to help you make your mind up on whether to buy.


All in all, Twabbit is a Twitter client worthy of a second look. For a relatively low price you can replace your almost useless standard Twitter app and start using this social network smartly and fluidly. With great functionality and an inviting interface you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried out any other Twitter clients? Do they work for you? Let us know below!


Twabbit is an alternative Twitter client which posessess features which will excite and please Windows Phone users.