Starbucks Finder: Never Struggle To Find Coffee Again

Everyone has their favourite coffee shop where they can relax and drink their favourite beverage. For me that shop is Starbucks. The internationally famous company delivers great service and gives customers the best drinks on the high street.

One thing which heavily disappointed me was that the Official Starbucks app was only available for Android and iOS — leaving out the Windows operating system. I remember going into shops and feeling annoyed when my friends would pay for drinks with their mobile devices. Then I found hope. From the developers Sensability, comes an app called Starbucks Finder which possesses all of the same features.

This app is perfect for me and since discovering it I’ve used the service every time when paying for drinks at Starbucks. Read on to find out more!

I should also mention that Starbucks Finder isn’t restricted to any countries. Listing Starbucks stores across the world.

Near Me

The first feature that Starbucks Finder offers is the “near me” option. While you may know where Starbucks is in your home town, it can sometimes be hard to find your nearest shop while in a different location. By starting up the app and clicking refresh the app will instantly list all nearby stores accompanied by a distance in miles (or kilometres if you would prefer).

Here you can see all nearby stores.

Near the bottom of the screen you have options to bring up the stores on a map and the option to filter down results. The filter feature is definitely one of my favourites. Here you can specify which type of store you would like to visit. You can filter the shops down by selecting which amenities you would like. These are: Company Owned, Drive Through, Clover Brew, Wireless Hotspot and Oven Warmed Food. If I’m looking to write in a Starbucks its necessary I have an internet connection so this is great.

Filtering down options is a simple task.

Once filtering down your options it’s now time to pick a store. My selecting one, you’re brought to a different layout. Here you can choose to see directions and the amenities which are available. Nearer the bottom there is also a phone number, address and all the opening times.

Once picking your store you are given a range of different information.

For a non-Official application I love how much research and depth has been put into designing Starbucks Finder. The developers have evidently worked hard to provide users with everything they need to have a pleasant experience.

The Card Abilities

For readers who visit Starbucks often they will know that they offer a gift card. Some customers even use this for themselves so they can easily track how much they are spending as well as setting themselves a limit. Starbucks cards are great as they stop the need to pay with actual cash or a debit/credit card when purchasing products. This generally makes the whole experience far quicker as after swiping you’re done.

One thing I loved about the card was that you could link it to the Starbucks app which then gave you the ability to just scan your phone at the shop. However, when I first saw Starbucks Finder I assumed that it would just allow you to find stores not actually link your card.

Managing different cards is simple.

Through Starbucks Finder you are able to add multiple cards and then manage them through the settings. When you would like to pay with a specific card all you need to do is tap on it and the barcode will appear on the screen. When you go to pay you will see a flat reader near the cashier’s desk, simply swiping the barcode on this will complete the purchase.

For users who may also be worried about security. They’ll be pleased to know that the barcode which is used is created locally on your device. This won’t be sent to anyone and even the developers can’t see your card number.

Additional Features

There are some features which work great and I thought I would mention them below. The first is that when looking for Starbucks stores if they are closing soon the app will show you how long you have to get there. This is displayed when searching and it means you have a better indication of where the best place to go.

Being able to see the opening and closing times quickly is a great little addition.

Secondly, I get the feeling that the developers are actually really passionate about Starbucks Finder. The app often receives new updates and expansion has been quick and effective. The developers have definitely filled a gap in the market and gave Windows Phone users an app which they would of missed out on.

Improvements Which Could Be Made

Every app comes with small flaws though and the same can be said for Starbucks Finder. One thing I don’t like is that there are advertisements and yes, I can live with it. But, I would be more than happy to pay for an ad-free version of this and I really hope they provide one in the future.

Another piece of information which needs to be displayed is an indication of which Starbucks stores accept the card and which don’t. It can be quite embarrassing and a waste of time if you go into a shop only with your Starbucks card and are unable to order. A small note on each store’s description which explained this would be great.


All in all, Starbucks Finder is a fantastic application which aims to replicate an app which isn’t yet available on the Windows Phone platform. Possessing a huge range of features which are very important is the factor which makes this worth using.

For readers who visit Starbucks often this app is a complete must. And even for the occasional visitor you’ll still gain some pleasure if the situation arises.

Thanks for reading! Do you use Starbucks Finder already? Or considering it in the future? Let us know below.


Starbucks Finder is a non-official application which allows users to find nearby Starbucks quick and easy. You can also use your Starbucks card to buy drinks through the app.