Rowi: Another Twitter Client To Tempt You

Recently I reviewed an app called Twabbit, an advanced Twitter client which gave the user a mass array of different settings and options — definitely not the simplest of apps. However, today I’ll be looking at Rowi, a Twitter client which is far simpler, but, still possesses the features necessary for a solid replacement.

Rowi, similar to Twabbit, is £1.29 for the full version. This means there isn’t any difference in price between the two. However, while Rowi may appear basic first this app can just about bring enjoyment to anyone. Read on to find out more!

Understanding Rowi

Going into Rowi you’ll notice that this app isn’t anything widely different from your original Twitter client. You have your basic timeline showing all of your followings’ tweets. The changes start to begin when you tap on a specific tweet, on your normal Twitter you’ll be taken to a separate page where you can see the Tweet by its self, or favorite and retweet. However, Rowi offers something a bit different.

Tapping on the Tweet brings up a bar with a range of options which you can scroll back and forth to each one. The options here are standard: view (the Tweet by itself), reply, retweet, go to, favorite, profile and unread. I feel this little toolbar really adds to the user experience, being very simple and unique this bar will really attract users who like to respond quickly to their updates.

The range of options after clicking on a Tweet.

Swiping to the right you’re taken to “Mentions”, so far I’ve noticed nothing different here. The final of the three bars is “Messages” this is again very similar — you will need to authorize your account before you can use this feature. For this you only need to log in and then record a seven digit code to type in on the app.

Tweeting and Messaging.

Rowi is very minimalistic from the onset and in the next section we’ll talk about how this can be adapted.

Organising Your Homesreen And Settings

Going to your setting at the top and clicking “Configure Your Home Screen” you have a lot more options at your disposal. The first thing you’ll see is that you can move the position of your timeline, mentions, and the messages bar, or even delete them. Then going to the “+” at the bottom you soon see this app isn’t as simple as what first seemed. Here you have six different tabs which you can add to your start screen.

These include: “tweet search”, “another user’s timeline”, “your favourites”, “your tweets, retweeted”, “retweets by you” and “retweets by others.” These are some of the options which are necessary for some Twitter users and adding them will be a necessary move. However, there’s one feature here which really swept me off my feet and this is the “another users timeline” option. This allows me to pick my favourite Tweeter’s and move all their tweets onto a separate page for viewing quick. So far I have set up five people’s timelines and this makes my Twitter experience just that bit easier.

Configuring the Homescreen.

Once you’ve sorted out your home screen you can now go into settings and customise some more. The first option you’ll come to is the opportunity to use “Tweet Marker” an app which records where you last refreshed. So next time you use a different device you will automatically start reading from that point. You also have a range of different changes which you can make in the settings. These include, the size of text, reversing tweets new to old and the chance to manually mark the Tweets as they are read. There are also options to sync with Instapaper, Readability and Pocket, helping you to read easier.

Simplicity is Bliss

Now what started off as quite a simple application can soon become something which is changeable to the highest degree, giving users the choice to how their app is set up. This is a format which will suit many users who find that the basic Twitter application doesn’t give them enough room to maneuver. This is what is unique about nearly every Twitter client, they allow you to make everything right for your needs, although, some do this a lot better than others.

Benefits Of The Full Version

The first thing I should mention is that Rowi can either be free or £1.29 and you’ll be able to use the app basically the same way. This is because the additional extras will be pointless and not needed for some users. The first thing Rowi (full) does is that all the annoying advertisements at the top of the page will go — making your Twitter experience a bit more enjoyable. The second is that you’ll be able to receive push notifications when you receive mentions and messages — this is definitely a nice extra for some people.

Changing settings.

As you can see there are no massive improvements which are evident with the upgrade version. For me I’ll stick with the free version as ad’s don’t bother me too much and push notifications aren’t necessary. However, this is all really down to personal choice. Although, I would recommend testing out Rowi free before you take the plunge.


Rowi is a very capable Twitter client which allows you to quickly make the app your own. Twitter is all about making the experience fun and free to do what you like, Rowi captures this perfectly. Whether you’re still using the basic Twitter app, using another native client or don’t even use Twitter you should stil be giving this a try.

Thanks for reading! Let us know how you use Twitter below.


Rowi is a Twitter client which is simple yet elegant. Creating an experience which is perfect for those of all ages and proficiency with Twiiter.