Reminisce Your Childhood With Kids TV

Just last weekend, I was bullied into baby sitting my neice and you should know, like lots of people my age, I am not really child-friendly. I had no idea what to do or how to entertain her and it was pretty embarrassing, for a while.

That was when I remember what I liked back when I was a child: cartoons! I had to find an amazing app just for the kids and my search ended in Kids TV, an containing a whole deal of cartoons and games. The moment I opened the app and showed it to her, she went crazy and was hooked on it all evening. This sure was a life saver. Any app which keeps the kids silent definitely requires a review and here I am!

Getting Started

The download part is pretty easy right? Just search for Kids TV in the Windows Marketplace and voila! With all the videos, you would think the size of the app would be pretty heavy. But no!

The app actually streams the videos and ergo, it weighs around 9 MB and with a decent internet connection, it doesn’t take more than a moment or two.

First Run

The logo truly says that the app is specifically for children, although I started using it for myself too. The app has a very cute and bubbly 3D logo of a TV with a play button on it.

The interface has a very colorful background with a beautiful cartoon landscape with rainbows, mushrooms and octopus. If I love it, I’m pretty sure most kids will too. The most important part is that the app is easily usable by children of 3+ and you know how smart they are these days.

The home screen of Kids TV breaks down in to top rated, recent and a final screen which contains the search and other appropriate features of the app.

Getting Used to the Interface

Kids TV has an unbelievable collection of cartoons in its database. The top rated toons’ picture is displayed in the mainscreen so that it is easily recognised by kids. Kids TV has over 45+ shows in its repository.

The app claims that new shows are added twice a month and thus no shows are left out. The classic cartoons include Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street, Donald Duck, Pingu, Noddy, Scooby Doo and a lot of others too. You can get a quick view of what it supports in the Windows Marketplace.

If you want to search for a specific cartoon, you can search it in the search bar or tap on Show list to get the full list of shows Kids TV supports. The list contains a picture, name of the show and the ratings. But I am not sure who rates the shows since there aren’t any options inside the app.

Watching Your Toons

Tapping on the picture transfers us to a new screen which contains games, videos and character list. The background theme changes appropriately to the toon we choose. I noticed not all cartoons have videos.

I guess it depends on the popularity and most contains at least less than twenty. I specifically checked for Tom and Jerry and it has over 80 videos. Now, how awesome is that?

Most of the videos have the whole episode while some of them are two to three minutes long. I tried playing the videos and the app streams pretty smoothly. For a second I actually thought videos were loaded in to my phone and the app wasn’t actually using my internet at all. This was really impressive.

Games and Characters

Every cartoon included in Kids TV has a simple yet exciting matching game. The number of tiles increases as the number of characters in the cartoon increases and the more, the better I guess. You might think it is boring, but it certainly is not. I had a lot of fun playing with my neice and she loved it.

When you flip through the screen, there are a list of characters portrayed in the cartoon with their names on it. Tapping on the characters shows a tiny deal of very colorful image gallery.

It would have been better if there was a small description about the characters so the parents could gain a bit of knowledge on what their kids watch.


What makes Kids TV a nice app is that if you have a problem with something your kid is watching, you can hide that specific cartoon from him or her. To do so, go to the settings -> parental control and you can hide as many shows as you want.

Also, you can set a password to the parental control settings so that even the smartest child can’t unhide the cartoons which you have hidden. But I think a password protected app would so much good so the kids won’t spend a lot of time on Kids TV.

Every parent can keep track of what their children are watching by checking on the history and if your kid loves a specific episode, you can add it to your favourites or pin in to the home screen of your Windows Phone for easy accessibility.

Major Drawbacks

Sadly, I noticed a few drawbacks in Kids TV. One major thing is that the app lags a little then and there. You exactly know how impatient kids can be, and this might irk them. I tap a link and it hangs. I had no choice but to restart the app. This was a bit frustrating.

Kids TV lists a number of shows it supports. But when I tried searching for a random, less popular one, it was empty. There were neither games nor cartoons. Just the title. And very rarely, some videos doesn’t play at all because of some error or legal issues.

Wrapping Up

Kids loves watching cartoons and TV doesn’t really broadcast their favorites all the time. But you can, with Kids TV, and it really does keep the kids busy and happy.

Even though the app is ad supported, the ads are not inappropriate. Overall, it is a nice app to get children interested and out of trouble.


Beautiful panorama app with kids favorite shows along with videos, show characters and image galleries.

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