Rdio: Spotify’s Main Mobile Competitor

Spotify is an application which has seen massive success across the globe with both its desktop and mobile versions. Spotify, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a database of millions of songs which can be listened to free of charge. The service is also available in subscription services giving users access to much more. However, another service which has stared to see massive growth, especially in America, is Rdio.

Similar to Spotify, Rdio has a desktop and mobile form factor. However, today I’ll be mainly focusing on the mobile version of the application. This, in my opinion, is far better than Spotify’s alternative and is well worth a thorough review.

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Installing Rdio

First of all, Rdio is a very small file being only 1MB. Users will start by having a fourteen day trial, after this you’ll need to to purchase the app for a subscription on a monthly basis, (if you want to listen to more than thirty seconds of a song.)

Rdio for Windows Phone!

On Rdio you will be able to carry over 18 million tracks around in your pocket with new tracks added every week. Hopefully this will allow you to discover much more music as you use the app every day. Making this not only a music player, but a music discoverer.

Navigating Around Rdio

The homepage of Rdio is structured into different categories, these include: search, playlists and recommend songs — these are some of the self-explanatory parts. However, one other option is collection. Here you can save any songs to your mobile and they will organise themselves in this folder. This gives you the chance to listen to music even when you don’t have an internet connection. But, as these are then stored on your phone the amount of the space the app takes up increases.

Exploring Rdio is a fantastic experience!

If you venture off the homepage to the side you’ll find “Heavy Rotation,” and “Recent Activity.” I love checking out recent activity as I can see any new music which has been added to the database. Finding new artists and songs is just so easy.

All of your downloaded music will arrange itself here for easy access.

The final thing which really impressed me about Rdio was the fact that it works like a standard music player. I can shut the application and use my phone normally without the need to stay on Rdio. Also, when you lock your phone the music will display at the top of your lock screen for quick changes. I’ve used players in the past which have forced you to stay on the app and it soon becomes annoying.

Keeping track of your music at all times is simple.

What’s Playstation

Playstation is my favourite feature of Rdio and was the thing which really set it apart from Spotify for me. What it does is creates a full playlist for you at the touch of a button which is similar to your likes. This saves so much time and means there is no need to create your own playlists. Playstation also shows you new artists which you’re bound to love.

Using Playstation is easy too. For example if I type in the search bar “Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Once I click on their artist’s page a button appears at the bottom which looks like a TV antenna. Once clicked you’ll have an instant playlist containing songs by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” as well as other artists of a related nature.

I love how easy PlayStation is to use and the fact that I can quickly set it away with no need to search for the music I want.

The Limitations

No matter how much I love Rdio there is one major gripe which will annoy future users — the number of countries that it’s available in. As you can see on the map below the amount of countries is very limited in relation to the entire world. With a big majority of the world missing out I feel some readers will be entirely disappointed.

I hope that in the future more users can have access to this awesome piece of software.

The countries Rdio is currently available in.

The second limitation is that this app is only available for a fourteen day trial without payment. Once this time is over you’ll need to start paying the subscription fee of £9.99 a month (exactly the same as Spotify) to have access to the whole application.

The Desktop App

Recently Rdio has changed the way that their desktop application works. Now new users can get six months of free access to the application, unfortunately this doesn’t apply to mobiles too. Although, six months of access to millions of songs is still pretty awesome.

Rdio is available on many different platforms, including Windows computers and mobiles.

If you have enjoyed using the mobile application I strongly recommend the desktop version too. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much!


Rdio is my favourite application on my phone and I couldn’t live without it. Being a student I don’t really have the money to purchase all the tracks I love, but with Rdio I can have all the songs I want for a minimal price. However, matched with quantity is quality too. Rdio is perfect in terms of design and functionality, giving each user a wonderful experience. This is an app perfect for music lovers.

Have you heard of Rdio before? Do you use it already? Let us know below!


Rdio is a music application which gives you access to millions of songs at the tap of a finger. Carry Rdio around on your mobile and you'll always have access to music at your fingertips.

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