Microsoft Healthvault: Your Personal Health And Fitness Application.

I was browsing through the Windows Phone App Store the other day and was appalled to see the severe drought in the number of quality health and fitness tracking applications for my windows phone. At the end of my search, I found Microsoft’s own Personal Health Record management system Healthvault and little did I know that they had a Windows Phone version of their web application.

To turn back in time, Microsoft launched their web based PHR management system way back in the year 2007, and most of us including me was of the thinking that the Redmond giant has discontinued with the service and never knew that it is rendering its continuous support for its dormant existence.

To think of competition, if you remember, Google too started its version of PHR management system in 2008 and discontinued it in the year 2011 stating that

 … With a few years of experience, we’ve observed that Google Health is not having the broad impact that we hoped it would.

More out of need than curiosity, I downloaded the Healthvault app on to my phone and found it to be much better and all encompassing in its features.


Your Healthvault

Health Info Management

To access Healthvault, you can login using your existing live Id or Facebook or OpenID.The first time when you use Healthvault you will be asked to create a profile consisting of personal details for your account. As the name suggests, Healthvault when used to its full potential is a one-place health information repository. With Healthvault you can save all your vital health information such as

  • The food and medications to which you are allergic to and your bodily reactions to it.
  • Track the symptoms of a disease condition over a period of time.
  • Your health insurance details.
  • Your medical documents.
  • Details of medications such as prescriptions, dosage and timings etc.
  • Nutritional and dietary information.

So the next time when you visit a clinic for an illness, with Healthvault’s information it would be much more easier to sieve out the causes for a condition.


Healthvault Medications


In recent years there has been a rapid change in the way patients perceive their health and its treatment, the onus is now on them to make informed decisions. To make judgment calls on treatment a patient now more than ever needs data, which is both vital and crucial. Healthvault now allows you to measure, store and retrieve important health measurements such as weight, blood glucose level, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and other lab measurements over a period of time, which helps in analyzing one’s health condition.


Healthvault Weight Tracking

Your Family’s Health info on your Palm

With Healthvault you can now manage your entire family’s health information at a single place. Manage your kids allergies, Immunization details and chronic health conditions so that the next time when you visit the doctor you wont be stymied by the doctors questions.

Track and manage your ailing dad’s medical prescription so that you don’t have to panic (and make the conditions worse) during medical emergencies.With Healthvault you could now share your health information to your family members and doctors so that they can access and analyze your health condition from any place and at any time. You could also control the level of access by restricting one from editing and changing information on your database.

You could also create an emergency profile, listing out most the most recent crucial and vital health details and share it with your family members across email with an access code which essentially helps removing the unwarranted panic and confusion during emergencies.


Healthvault BloodPressure Graph

Get Fit and Stay Fit

The one best thing about Healthvault which makes it stand tall amongst others is its features that makes it don the role of both health and fitness application.The first step in achieving something we aspire is setting a tangible goal.With Healthvault you can set fitness goals such as reducing weight, blood pressure and blood glucose level, track and analyze them graphically over different periods of time. Are you preparing for a marathon or any other sport? With Healthvault you can set goals, log in your workouts to measure progress.


Entering Blood Pressure Data

Apps and Devices Integration

To remove the drudgery of gathering the fitness data manually and accurately on time, Healthvault integrates itself with more than 170 devices such as digital weight scale, Blood pressure, pulse and heart rate monitors and helps collecting vital data automatically on to your Healthvault database.

Wrap up

Seeing the plight of the existing health and fitness applications for Windows phone, I think Microsoft’s Healthvault does a much better job than others.

Its intuitive user interface, seamless integration with devices, data storage, analysis and security makes it the best health app for your Windows Phone.


Microsoft Healthvault, the one place where you could track,manage,analyse and share your family's health and fitness information.