Forecast the Weather with these Windows Phone Apps

Many of us share a mutual fascination with the weather, and use forecasts to do everything from avoiding looking out the window to planning our activity over the next week. The main medium I read a forecast is through my smartphone, but, on Windows Phone 7, there’s a plethora of choices.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the available weather apps on Windows Phone.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s Windows Phone app brings their 30-year experience of forecasting to your smartphone in the form of a beautiful app set atop a scenic photo. The Weather Channel app includes all the basic information you’d expect in a forecast including temperature, weather, wind direction and speed, humidity, UV index, dew point and sunrise/sunset times.

Additionally, The Weather Channel will stream video to your phone with various forecasts as well as showing a bunch of interactive maps.

Price: Free
Developer: The Weather Channel


AccuWeather is another weather forecasting app that, as the name implies, boasts “the most trusted weather information”. AccuWeather’s localised forecasts include goes quite in depth with many metrics including levels of precipitation and cloud cover. Forecasts can be viewed in a number of ways, including animated radar and satellite maps and weather videos in both English and Spanish.

AccuWeather also features severe weather alerts from the US to alarm you to more serious forecasts. AccuWeather’s RealFeel temperature feature is also included, which forecasts what the condition will feel like, not necessarily what it is.

Price: Free
Developer: AccuWeather


We really need to look at Weather, Microsoft’s official Windows Phone app for weather forecasts, although the app still is still a very valid mention. Out of all the apps in this roundup, Microsoft’s Weather is by far the simplest in both content and UI providing a simple, straightforward experience inside a clean interface.

Price: Free
Developer: Microsoft


WeatherLive is another highly rated weather forecasting app which features all the basic metrics you’ve come to expect including temperature and precipitation levels.

The core attraction to this app is its live tile features, with customisation to your individual preferences. The app’s live tile can be updated on a daily, twice daily, four times a day or hourly schedule, resulting in minimal data consumption (the app’s official description claims only ~12kb/day is used on the hourly schedule).

Price: $1.49
Developer: Hyperise


USA TODAY is primarily a news app, but it features other sections with one of them being weather. USA TODAY’s weather section features both forecasts and observations, with weather, temperature, “feels like” temperature, wind speed/direction and precipitation levels.

It should be note that USA TODAY’s weather section doesn’t seem to be powered by them (the page implies it’s powered by AccuWeather). However, the advantage of this is that everything is contained inside one single app, so you can catch up on news, weather and sports all at once.

Price: Free
Developer: USA TODAY


WeatherBug is a simple forecasting app with information like temperature, humidity and wind direction taking prominence. WeatherBug includes a bunch of Bing map layers including satellite, radar and pressure. Additionally, WeatherBug has a severe weather alerts system to bring important forecasts to your attention.

For US locations, users can also access weather camera images and time lapse animations to get a visual view of the weather.

Price: Free
Developer: WeatherBug


MyRadar is a weather app that’s less about forecast data and more about maps. MyRadar presents a series of maps (currently, the service is limited to the United States) with weather indicator overlays so you can judge, by colour, the severity of weather conditions in a location.

Price: Free
Developer: ACME AtronOmatic


No doubt to your surprise, WeatherMaster is a weather forecasting app with all the basic features like temperatures, wind speed/direction, precipitation levels, sunrise/sunset times, pressure etc.

However, where WeatherMaster stands out from the crowd is in its more unique UI. Instead of adhering to the standard Metro UI design language, WeatherMaster is a little more unique with some great icons and good use of space. WeatherMaster also includes some live tiles to show forecast information and current weather conditions, using the same good looking icons I mentioned before.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Snocc

Weather Watcher

Weather Watcher is not your average forecasting app. Instead, Weather Watcher focuses on bringing you information on weather warnings, watches and advisories in the United States to alert you to potentially major weather incidents.

Each alert report offers up dates for the alert, information on the levels of urgency, severity and certainty, detail of the areas covered and a summary of the warning.

Price: $0.99

That’s nine great weather apps available for Windows Phone 7, each with their own strengths. You’ll appreciate Weather [by Microsoft]’s simplicity as you would WeatherMaster, due to its well designed deviation from traditional Metro.

If you’ve got a preferred weather forecasting app, be sure to share it in the comments. Now, when are we due some snow?