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It’s been 7 years since the inception of Twitter with Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. Twitter has evolved and grown considerably over time to become the third largest social networking platform just below Facebook and Google + in terms of numbers.

Twitter has undergone lots of changes for better during these years in its user interface, geographic trending topics, the way replies and retweets were made and most importantly its powerful search feature but still avid users like me feel a lacuna and would always ask for more subtle improvements. This is where all the Third party applications that depend on Twitter’s API comes to the rescue. One Such Application that we are going to explore today is Follorep, which helps you to take control of the crux of a Twitter account, your Fans.

Friends and Fans

Any one who uses twitter always keeps an eye on two vanity numbers, the followers and following count. These are more than numbers, it helps one to gauge his/her influence on the network and it also acts as an index to measure one’s brand value tantamount to a stock market index.

But in order to measure your influence over time you need to exactly track the trends and changes in the number of fans and friends. This could not be done with the official twitter app; this is where Follorep comes for the rescue. Follorep is an exclusive app, which does nothing but help you to keep a tab on your friends and fans on your Twitter network.


Whenever I try a new application on my phone, I’ll be more happy if it delivers what it promises without any mumbo-jumbos and this is where follorep clearly aces. When you enter Follorep, the opening screen most comprehensively lists what the app has promised it would do, which includes all the essential numbers such as current followers count, number of followers lost, number of friends gained and even those friends who have returned back after unfollowing you once.Follorep for now doesn’t automatically check for changes on the followers count, you’ll have to do it manually by tapping on the refresh button to update the changes.


Follorep UserDetails

Now to the best part, let us consider a scenario were in you have 500 followers, suddenly you see a steady downfall in the number of friends you have, with the official twitter app it is not possible to track and pinpoint exactly the friends who have left you. Follorep helps resolving this by exactly locating those friends who have left you and lists them in order. Follorep also tracks and lists your new friends and those friends who have unfollowed you and followed back once again.


Follorep Fans Trend Graph

A set of numbers and statistics doesn’t make sense when it does not have another set to compare itself with which enables us to effectively analyze the meaning those numbers convey. Taking this into account Follorep has a feature called Once upon a time which helps you to compare your followers and following count in the present with the past. Follorep also displays the followers count in a line graph format which helps you to track and see the trend of your influence over time.


Follorep Unfollow

Twitter is both a micro blogging and a social networking platform but the latter is what makes twitter more powerful. Social networking as the name suggests must be two ways, should be win-win and mutually enriching for both the parties. Why would you want to follow a person who doesn’t reply to your tweets and remains unresponsive? Why would you want to follow someone who spews out paroxysm of one-way gibberish tweets?

And most importantly why would you ever want to follow bots that adorns deceiving human characteristics. Follorep’s “unfollow non followers” feature lists out all non followers, just select them and with the single click unfollow them, easy isn’t it? Follorep also lists your newest followers so that you could easily follow them back with a click and make them your friends.


Follorep Features


Follorep is a wonderful tool for businesses, which are active on social media marketing.

  1. It helps to easily follow back your product’s fans.
  2. It helps to keep a track on the trends and changes, on the fan count over time.
  3. Used to gauge marketing campaign ROI by finding out the total number of fans acquired after a campaign.
  4. Follorep has a feature that automatically sends welcome messages to your new fans to get more personal and responsive.

What’s Missing?

As of now Follorep doesn’t support managing multiple twitter accounts. It doesn’t list friends who are inactive on the network.

Wrap Up

Follorep is a wonderful little tool that tracks numbers, which are so crucial in our social media world. Follorep is a free application, but in order to unlock most of its features all you have to do is share it with your friends a few times.



Follorep for Windows Phone : The Best way to keep tab on your Twitter friends and fans

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