Fodor’s Series: Enjoy Every Trip With Ease

Visiting some of the biggest cities in the world is a once in a lifetime experience. To make the most out of your trip you’re required to make some kind of plan as to how you will spend your time — it’s only expected. But, searching through random websites and guide books isn’t the most fun experience I could think of. I would much rather have an app on my phone which I could use quickly and effectively.

The Fodor’s collection of apps on the Windows Marketplace give users a detailed travel adviser for seven of the biggest cities on the Earth. These apps are an extension of the highly popular web page entitled Fodor’s Travel. This website offers one of the best ways to plan your trip and so do the apps. Read on to find out more.

Introducing Fodor

The Fodor’s apps are developed by Random House Digital Inc and collectively the seven apps cover some very popular cities. Each app is free and follows the same basic concept. So, if you use one app for one city you could just as easily use it for another too. The cities which are covered in these apps are as follows:

The cities which are covered.

Unfortunately, if your desired city isn’t here then you won’t be able to use this service. However, if you still want to use Fodor’s you can always visit their popular website where many more cities are covered. It’s also highly likely that in the future more will be released for the Windows Phone operating system.

Using The Application

For my run through of the application I’m going to be explaining the London version. For all the rest the principles are exactly the same you are just given different information. So don’t worry.

Firstly, downloading the application. The London version of the app was only 11MB, but, it did take a while to download — this was probably more due to my bad signal than the app itself though. After downloading the app everything starts up quite quickly though, which I was impressed with.

On the front page of the application you have a range of different options. The first is “Editor’s Choice.” Clicking on here I’m given a range of different places in the city which I could visit. Each one has a location and an inclination of the pricing. I also have options at the bottom for viewing a map or finding out my location.

The front page gives you quick options.

By clicking on “Science Museum” I’m given a phone number, website, distance and extensive description of the location. This instantly provides users with all the information they need to get their trip underway. At the bottom of the screen I have some quick settings too. These include: calling, visiting the webpage, gaining quick directions and adding the location to your favourites. Now that I have all this information I can quite easily navigate or communicate with the Museum — this process took around a minute.

Visiting the Science Museum should be easy now.

As well as “Editors Choice” there are other categories including food and accommodation. As you can see this is an extremely detailed application which don’t skimp on the details. Everything you would ever need is provided in a simple package which is just as simple to understand.

Guide And Other Options

Scrolling along again you are taken to a guide page. The first option you’ll see here is the option to search for either an attraction, restaurant or hotel. The next section is split into three sub-divisions: Neighborhoods, Travel Tips and Features. Neighborhoods gives you a complete list of every area of London so even if you don’t know the name of a specific place you can still roughly find it.

I love that food and accommodation is also covered in this app.

Travel tips give users information about everything concerned with the country and city. These include a section on customs and duties and information about passports. The final tab is features. Here there are attractions sorted into lists such as, cheap things to do in London and London with kids. These are very helpful in identifying which places you should go and which you shouldn’t.

On Fodor you can also download offline maps and change the distance from miles to kilometers. You can tell this app is well designed as it seems like it covers every single base.

Why Fodor?

The main reason I love this series is because of the fact that they have spilt these apps up. The developers could of just as easily collected all of these into one big app. However, they don’t and it works extremely well in their favour. If the developers had done this, similar to other advisers, users would of been quickly confused. But because of this form factor everything which is displayed will be relevant, leaving no place for confusion.

The other reason is that all of these apps are beautifully designed. Aesthetics are extremely important to me and Fodor’s has really nailed this app on the head. Great aesthetics are really complimenting the awesome functionality.

Wrapping Up

All in all, these Fodor’s applications are truly brilliant. Earlier in the year I visited London and using this app really helped. I wasn’t from the area so navigating around wasn’t the easiest in such a big city. However, I was still able to have a fantastic trip and visit everywhere I wanted, accompanied by the app.

In my opinion, for travel advice, you shouldn’t look anywhere else.

What trip adviser do you use? Have you heard of Fodor in the past? Let us know below!


Fodor's provides users with great travel advice for trips to some of the biggest countries in the world. Using these can make your trip much more enjoyable.