Clever Photo: Edit Your Pictures Properly

Since buying my first DSLR at Christmas I’ve been aiming to improve my general photography. And yes, I do read and view other work, but real knowledge comes from testing your skills. I would love to carry my camera everywhere and experiment, however, that isn’t really a possibility because of its size. Something which I do carry around with me everyday is my phone, which has a camera too.

Once I realized I could use my phone to improve my general photography I needed to look for an app to help me do this — that’s when I found Clever Photo. A fantastic application which allows you to quickly edit photos and submit them to a variety of sources.

Read on to find out how good Clever Photo is!

What Is Clever Photo?

Clever Photo costs £1.29 and for that price you possess a huge range of different ways to change and edit your valuable moments. Since discovering Clever Photo I couldn’t wait to write a review and let more people know about this excellent application. By manipulating each setting I can now make each photo special and even make a bad picture half decent. After reading this article I strongly recommend trying out this app — you won’t regret it, trust me.

The Editing Tools

When loading your photo into the editor you have two standard options, either load from your gallery or take a picture — this allows you to access your pictures from just about anywhere. One feature that I would love here would be the ability to load pictures from social networks or web pages. This would make my life much easier on a daily basis — giving me a decreased workflow time.

Opening images in Clever Photo.

Once you have your picture you’re ready to start editing. The interface is set up with two toolbars, one along the top displaying your history and the other along the left hand side which has the editing tools. In history you can quickly view everything which you have changed and easily reverse it. This quickly allows me to fix any mistakes that I make during the editing process — helping me to keep in control of everything I do.

Some of the effects available.

Now the part you’re all waiting for — what’s the editing capacity of Clever Photo? The first options you’ll find are the standard tools you’ll find with any editor. These include rotation, cropping and red eye removal. You then have more advanced options such as exposure, hue and saturation and normalize. All of these are controlled my sliders which are great for getting your photo just right.

On top of this you also have effects such as, black and white and x-ray. Most of these are similar to that of Instagram, an app Windows users lack, making them highly useful. One feature which really stuck out for me was tilt shift. This is something you can create with some very expensive lenses and experimenting with this application is great — the artistic edits are actually really cool. Opposed to gimmicky features other apps normally possess.

Altering effects to make them perfect for you is easy.

The final options are to add frames to your pictures and there is one special feature I use here more than everything else. This is the Polaroid frame. As I meet and talk to new people I love to take pictures as memories of specific occasions and I try to make this as special as possible. With this Polaroid frame I can add a unique border to my picture and even add some text to the bottom of the image. I really feel this personalizes every picture I take and makes the photography much more special.

Adding a Polaroid frame really finishes a photo.

As you can see the amount of customisation available on Clever Photo is overwhelming and you can really make each picture your own. I do have some personal favorites which I use the majority of the time, but it’s fantastic to play around with new things.


Once you’ve finished editing your picture you have a range of options which allow you to dictate where it goes. After you’ve clicked save, the app will then give you a choice of three places to save your file to, these include, your phone, Facebook and Flickr.

The artistic effects are also very good!

It was the Flickr integration which really did it for me though. Flickr is a great app for getting your photography work seen by others and its normally a long process before you get your shots up. With instant upload Clever Photo saves time and means you can spend more time taking more pictures.

There is also a Windows Phone Flickr application which is great and I highly recommend it if you want to manage your account. But, this does lack the editing tools which Clever Photo possesses. Nevertheless, this is something you should be downloading.


I really couldn’t find much wrong with this application. After using it extensively over the last few months I now love every part it and couldn’t ask for an all around better photo editor. If this app was expanded into a social network like Instagram I’m sure it would be a huge hit and attract many users. This app really fills a hole in an app section which really hasn’t hit its stride yet.


Whether beginners want to add fun effects to their pictures or professionals want to touch up award winning shots, Clever Photo is there. This app suits every level of photography with its range of different editing tools and options. I love that this is basic too. Clever Photo isn’t going to be hard to grasp and understanding how to get the perfect picture should be easy.

Thanks for reading! Let us know below how you like to edit pictures below!


Clever Photo is an application which allows you to edit your pictures with a range of different tools.