Be Informed On the Run With Weave

I can’t start off my day without a good newspaper. But it has become an unaccomplished task for the past few, well alright, oh so many, months since if I had to give up sleep or the news, I would gladly give up the newspaper. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t read it on my way to college.

I don’t always carry my laptop but I always do carry my Windows Phone. That gives me the luxury of using Weave News Reader which gathers breaking news from around the world and brings them right where I am. It isn’t just about news. I could also follow blogs and sites with the app. Now, that is interesting enough for me to review this app.

Getting Started

With its reputation, you can find Weave News Reader easily in the Windows Marketplace. I downloaded the free version which weighs exactly 2MB. Oddly enough, I checked the Marketplace throught my laptop, it said 4MB.

Most free apps are ad supported but not this one. Yay! It has nearly 1300 reviews and it has a four and a half star rating. That sure is good enough for me.

First Run

When you open the app for the first time, you ought to select your areas of interest so that Weave can display all the news related to your interests in the homepage.

You can find a wide area of geners and you can choose as much as you want. All the areas are covered right from Animals to World news. Once you configure this initial part, Weave News Reader is ready to bring you the news that you need.

Weave News Reader disintegrates into simply three screens namely Most viewed, Latest articles and Sources. I loved the interface of the app. The accent color of the app matches the color of Windows Phone and it has live screens too. The tiles display the headlines along with the image related to it. So, if you find it hot, you can tap on it and read it.

Being Upto Date With Weave

Once you choose your interests, the news that are related to it are displayed in the Most viewed section. Weave has a good deal of sources so that you won’t dare miss a well written story.

When you tap on a tile, you get to view the whole article through the app. The source’s name and the time of publishing is also displayed there. I adore the interface of the news screen. It is very clean and readable. There are no horizontal/verticle scrolls and ergo, the whole story fits on your mobile screen. The best part is you can change the font size and the font style to your liking.

There are also four modes for reading namely paper, metro, day and night. These settings are available at the bottom of the app and it is very useful while reading at night. Mostly all apps only supports day and night mode. The extra options made me happy and I personally liked the paper mode which kind of painted the screen a mild yellowish tint.

If you like what you are reading, you can add it to favourites and read it later. Weave News Reader also gives you an option to send it to your friends and family via email, through text messages or posting in your WIndows Live account. To do so, give a quick swipe across the screen from left to right. You have a whole lot of sharing option there.

Swiping in the opposite direction takes you one screen back. If you are not liking the interface of the app, there is an option to read the story via Internet Explorer. By tapping on the link, it opens the browser and directly links you there and thus saving you from any trouble.

Reading Via Category

All I wanted to read was about two major category viz., animals and technology. This is where Most viewed part of Weave News Reader comes in handy. There are specific tiles dedicated to your interests. If you have missed one or more interests while configuring, you can add it later in Sources.

When I tapped on a specific category, Weave lists a bunch of news and it is updated in real time. Evertime I opened the app, it displayed the number of recent news that I haven’t read already. Nice, eh?

Weave gives out recent news associated with a category along with the headline, picture and the source’s name. You can also find all recent news from all the categories from Latest Articles.

If you find articles published by a source unreliable or boring, the app gives you the luxury of deleting that particular source in the Sources page. While reading, you can switch to another genre instantly by tapping on Open Navigation Menu in the options so that you don’t have to go back to the homescreen over and over again.

Following a Blog Via Weave

One of the interesting features that Weaves brags about is following a blog you like which is not already available in the sources. I tried and it actually works!

You can follow a blog by adding it to the sources. To do so, go to sources and tap on the RSS feed button at the bottom. You can either type in the URL or if you are not very sure about the address, you can do a traditional search. This way, Weave brings the blog to you and you can assign to a category or create a new one.

New posts from the blog are displayed as usual in the Most Viewed screen and you can read it as soon as the new post comes out. I simply loved this feature and I find it very useful especially for reading new comics from xkcd. Muhahaha.

Wrapping Up

To keep updated to local, world news and blogs, Weave News Reader is the one for you. It is a very professional looking app and it makes reading a very pleasing experience. I give it a 9/10.


Weave is a news reader that lets you follow any website or blog you are interested in at any time. It provides a huge set of built-in news sources grouped by categories such as technology, world events, gaming, etc. From there, you can search for any other site you want to add.