Janetter – The New Best Desktop Twitter Client?

Twitter, as pretty much everyone now knows, is way more than just another social network. Possibly, the fastest growing network in the online world, Twitter acts as an instant real-time window to everything happening in the world for it’s users thereby imploring them to be online 24×7. Now, most people usually do a lot of tweeting on the go, from their cell phones which is helped by there being a vast array of feature-rich Twitter clients for most mobile ecosystems. The same however, cannot be said about desktop Twitter clients which is a shame since most of us also spend a lot of time on our laptops/desktops and reaching out for the cell every time you receive a mention or need to send a tweet is way too tedious.

The number of desktop Twitter clients is far and few and most of them are resource-hogging and heavy. While I don’t have anything against Tweetdeck, Seismic, Hootsuite, etc but I needed just a Twitter client, not a one stop app filled with all the social networks in the world. This is when I discovered Janetter, a lightweight, smooth and feature filled app which is a worthy contender to be called the best desktop Twitter client.

Getting Started

Janetter can be downloaded from its official site Janetter, free of cost. The app comes ad-free so you don’t need to worry about cumbersome ads polluting the interface. There is a huge amount of customisation present in the app and once you sign in with your Twitter ID, you should head off to the settings tab to tailor Janetter to your specific needs.

Janetter Main View

Janetter Main View With Timeline, Mentions, Lists, etc


The default layout gives you three columns, populated with your timeline, mentions and direct messages. You can further add columns for any lists that you may have created. The top left of the app has five buttons denoting the home timeline, mentions, direct messages, lists menu and search. The first four buttons also display an unread counter which quickly tells you if you have new tweets to read.

Every column further has a settings menu which gets displayed once you hover the mouse cursor at the top of the column. This allows you to jump to the top, mark all tweets as read and also delete the column. You also get a reload option which is only required if you have disabled auto-load option from the settings.

Clicking on a profile picture in any of the columns opens a context menu which gives you options to reply, retweet, quote, favourite, message, mute, block, translate, copy, read later and  visit the  profile of the user. You get these same options also by hovering the mouse cursor over a tweet.

The tweet compose box is nifty and sleek looking with options to shorten a url, add a picture, go to the draft menu and send a direct message. There is also a tweet character count at the far right of the box and there is support for auto-completion of usernames and hashtags.

Janetter Compose Box View

Compose Box At The Bottom


The top right corner of the application has a circular button which opens up a context menu to the settings, trends, search and shortcut options among others. The settings tab will give you access to numerous customisation options which are essential to curating the app to suit your tastes. Some of the features accorded are: –

  • You can choose from 27 standard themes ranging from simplistic, artsy to even anime. Or just go ahead and create your own.
  • You can change the position of the Compose box as also the order of new tweets being displayed.
  • Tweets can be read in real time without any delay and you have an option to translate it at the click of a button.
  • Supports multi-accounts and multiple time-lines are displayed on one screen, enabling you to search more information in a shorter period of time.
  • Supports conversation view, by clicking ▼, the conversation flow appears below the tweet.
  • Displays a notification for new tweets, mentions, DMs and also whenever you have been followed, favorited, or retweeted by others.
  • Supports inline image previews which can further be viewed in full screen mode.
  • Choose from a variety of image upload, url shortening and read later services.
  • You can change the background wallpaper, font type and size along with the arrangement of your tweets by username, client name, or timestamp.
  • Allows you to block and mute specific users as also to filter and hide tweets based on keywords and applications.
  • Fully-controllable via keyboard shortcuts, such as using j and k to scroll up and down your tweets.
  • All Tweets are saved locally and allow you to read older tweets.
Janetter Settings Tab

Settings Tab In Janetter

Final Thoughts

It’s not that Janetter is the perfect app without any blemishes. The auto load option sometimes fails and you need to restart the application. One would also like the option of pinning user timelines and search results as columns. But these are minor blemishes which hopefully would be resolved with further updates. As and now, Janetter is definitely among the best desktop Twitter applications there are and it’s only going upwards.


Janetter is a lightweight and feature filled free desktop Twitter client with multi-account support.