Is Tools for WP7 A Veritable Swiss Army Knife For Your Phone?

I was strolling through the Marketplace looking for something new and fun with a single, simple rule: no games. That’s when I came across ‘Tools for WP7’. The app consists of a set of well chosen, tiny tools intended as a digital swiss army knife.

Tools for WP7 gives you 20 interesting and productive apps. And when I say productive, I mean productive in a real life sort of way and not in a technology based way. The list just baffled me with the usual suspects as well as some truly funny and weird ones.

Download and Installation

The download and the installation part is easy as always. Search for Tools and before you type in the rest of it, you’ll find Tools for WP7. Tap on it.

The application gives you a lot of tools and ergo the setup is 5MB. Tap install and give it a few seconds to a minute of your life to let it finish installation.

User Interface

The user interface is very simple and clear. I personally like the parchment design and the black text and icons which suit the app well. The tools are listed alphabetically and you can tap on one of them to see what they do.

But beware! This app is advertisement supported and these pop in the top part of the screen anytime to annoy you. But as it is a free app that packs a lot of bunch to boot, I guess that can be forgiven. Now, let us see each of these in a random order.

Air Horn

Air horn is one of the funny ones. Every now and then we are expected to make people quieten down, maybe in an office or a class room? So instead of spoiling your voice, just tap on the Air Horn and activate it.

It creates a fairly loud noise which will attract everyone’s attention and thus silence them. Until you switch it off, it keeps making loud noises at periodic intervals.

Hand Warmer

Hand warmer is one of the tools that can be really useful at times like when you are stuck in a snow storm or if you are on a trip to the north pole. When you activate the warmer, what it does is that it turns on all the applications and options in your phone like wifi, bluetooth, internet sharing and every other possible thing that boosts up your phone’s performance.

As a result, the phone gets heated up. Clever, right? The downside is that it kills the power in your mobile in a jiffy.

Password Generator

We are in constant need of a good password to protect our accounts from being hacked. Some of us are very bad at choosing passwords, aren’t we? At least I am one of them.

Tools for WP7 includes a password generator as one of its tools which randomly chooses hard passwords for us to choose from. If you don’t like the ones it generates, shake your mobile and it will generate a new set.

But beware, the passwords are too hard and some of them are really long. So try choosing one half of it so that there will be a chance for us to actually remember/use it. The password that is generated can be saved to an in-built list. The list can be viewed whenever you want and the items can be individually edited.


I don’t think I have to sell the list app. We desperately require a to-dos or a shopping list to keep track of all the things we need to do or get. The list takes care of that.

Just tap on the + icon on the bottom of the app to add new things to the list. You can delete them too. The saved items from the other WP7 tools are also reflected here.

False Call

Stuck in a boring/awkward conversation with someone and want to find a way to excuse yourself? Do not worry as long as you have Tools for WP7 installed on your phone.

False call is a tool that when necessary will pretend to ring for you. But you cannot change the tone of the fake ringtone and it is always the classic tring tring tone. Go to the False Call tool and click Start. Wait for 20 seconds and you’ll get your bogus call.


These are two separate tools provided by Tools for WP7. XCalculator refers to the scientific calculator. Both the calculators works like the usual ones we use everyday. The user interface of these is very child friendly. You tap on the numbers and the symbols. Nothing hidden. Just a regular calculator.

Compared to the regular calculator, the numbers that xcalculator sport appear at the top and are very small — it would have been better if it was a bit large. As mentioned above, the advertisement blocks the top 15% of the screen and if it wasn’t there, the numbers would have been decent. But Windows phone doesn’t provide you with a scientific calculator. Something is better than nothing, right?


The benchmark displays all the possible information it can gather about your mobile. It includes the UTC time zone, your current time zone, device’s total memory, application current memory usage and a lot more. It is as same as using Informer from Yahoo Widgets, for example.

It also displays things like accelerometer, location, latitude and longitude too. I have no idea what it is but it looks super cool and nerdy!


Well, how will a package be complete without the GPS? The GPS app displays a map that shows the current location of where you are. It also displays the additional details like latitude, longitude and altitude. Please make sure your internet connection is on before you use this tool because it shows a message right in the middle of the tool that it couldn’t connect to the server.

The problem is that even after the internet starts working, the message doesn’t go away and you have to restart the app for it to disappear. Tap + to zoom in and – to zoom out. Frankly it was awesome to see a map in the middle of the parchment page as it felt like the real life version of the Marauder’s map from Harry Potter.

Tip It

Tipit is a tool that can calculate the tip of any amount. No more embarrassing situations in front of your family, friends and especially dates! Type in the amount and the percentage and press the > buttom at the bottom. It calculates the tip amount and the grand total if you are really bad at math.

The good thing about this tool is that you can type in the name, calculate and the tool automatically saves all the transactions done by you inside the app. Just flip through the pages to view all the transactions done by you.


Converter is a simple app that converts any amount of money according to the conversion rate you specify. Just give in an amount and assign a conversion rate.

It automatically multiplies both of them and gives you the result. I know it is an elementary tool but it comes with the package and it sure is useful.


The moment I saw the Dice tool, my mind automatically wandered off to Sheldon Cooper’s method of letting the dice make all the simple decisions in his life. Needless to say, it is quite useful in D&D or any other board games!

This is a simple tool which can generate numbers the same way you roll a die. Specify the number of die involved and its face count and tap Roll. It generates positive numbers and the amount of numbers increases as the die increases.

Rest of the Tools

Tools for WP7 gives you much more of these cheesy tools. The rest of the tools include:

  • Keep Awake
  • Massager
  • Level
  • Morse Code
  • Phone Book
  • Ruler
  • Screen Light
  • Seismometer
  • Stop Watch
  • Teen Repeller

Some of them are funny weird and some of them are pretty useful. It wouldn’t be practical to cover each of these here so make sure to check those out too.


Overall, this is a very good app. You wouldn’t download the tools if they were separate apps but you probably have a need for most of them.

Grouping everything together in a single package is very thoughtful and your phone really becomes a swiss army knife with this app in it!


Tools for Phone 7 Ratings: 124 Get free application Required*: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher Application will use: location services data services movement and directional sensor owner identity phone identity compass gyroscope Published by: David J Kelley Released: 25/02/2011 Version: Download Size: 5 MB Language: English Tools for phone 7 is like a swiss army knife. Although for sale most features work even in trial mode. Parchment tools includes tools like level, seismometer, light, tipit, dice, list, alarm, fcall, scientific calculator, GPS tracker, ruler, money converter, simple calculator, password generator, handwarmer and more.