Grow Your Network with WNM Near Me

It is really hard to make friends especially after the age of 10. When you randomly talk to someone friendly, they think you are weird and just walk away. Awkward, isn’t it? Why put yourself through embarrassing situations when you have WNM Near Me?

WNM Near Me is a free, location based, social networking app that lets you find people who reside near you or any where in the world and you can chat with them without revealing your personal information or your phone number.

WNM Near Me is a lot like other social networks, except rather than connecting you with your friends; it helps you make new friendships with people living near you! In fact, WNM Near Me has no concepts of “friends” – you can see and talk with anybody.

The First Run

The download is the usual affair. It weights in at only 2 MB – downloading it will only take a moment of your time.

Before you run the app, make sure the location services are turned on since it plays a major part in the app. When you load it, you can either sign in with your Facebook account or you can create your own account at WNM.

I strongly recommend you create your own account. This is why – if you sign in with your Facebook account, you can never log out from the app until your create your own account from WNM and the app doesn’t have a link to do that. So you will be perpetually online and I’m sure nobody wants that. At last you’ll end up deleting the current account and start over the process. So heads up, people! Create a WNM account upfront — it doesn’t take much time.

User Interface

The user interface of WNM Near Me follows the same overall visual paradigm of the Windows Phone 7 platform. I didn’t notice anything differing from the norm. Even the color of the app matches the one you to chosen in your phone.

I guess getting used to it is easy. The main screen consists of tiles and you can tap on it to select it — simple and direct.

One thing I find difficult is to go back to the main screen. The app registered every single path that I had selected and I had to consistently tap <- to go back to the main screen or any other screen. It can be an insanely tedious task because the app has multiple internal tabs and with in a heartbeat you can easily have visited a ton of them.

Getting Started

The first thing you got to do is configure your account. The main screen consists of all the basic options related to the app. Just tap on Profile and add your details details. You can also add a profile picture.

You could say that WNM Near Me is more than just an app for chat. You can post status updates and anyone using WNM can reply. Also, you get to add multiple pictures to your account, send virtual gifts to each other, receive badges when you accomplish something. Make sure to tweak this app in the settings. It can run on your lock screen too!


Just tap on People to discover new folks around you. The People tab consists of all the users using WNM app around the world. Not surprisingly there are a plenty of people who have downloaded the app. The People page is divided into nearby, online, favourites and find.

In Nearby, all the people who have an account are listed and the folks who are close to you are found at the top of the list. The app makes use of the location services and calculates the distance from you and the user and it displays that distance along with the user’s name along with the age if specified though.

The distance can be viewed as miles or kilometers and you chat with someone near you or with someone who is half way across the world. If the person is online, there is a tiny green colored circle near his/her name. If you want to look for people who are only online, just flip through the screen and find them in the Online page.

Making New Friends

You are taken to the profile page when you tap a person’s name. You get to see their basic information like gender, age, relationship status, etc and any photos added. It also shows the overall activity of the users like status updates or any badges and gifts carried by the user.

If someone seems interesting, you can start off the conversation by just tapping on the tiny postcard icon in the bottom of the screen. The interface is no biggie. It is a plain screen with the person’s name on the top. You can type in and hit send. Again, it is the same interface as Windows. The Conversation tile in the main screen consists of all the conversations.

On the plus side, you can click an image and share it then and there. And wait for it, you can make voice calls through WNM Near Me! Just tap on the tiny phone icon at the bottom and if he/she is online, you can talk to them for free.


Favorites is nothing but just adding someone to your account so that you can directly see if he/she is online from the main People page. One little complaint I have is that anyone can add anyone and you don’t even get a notification on that.

I noticed that ten different people whom I haven’t talked to had added me and I didn’t know that.

Live Stream

Live Stream is the place where you get to see what people are doing. You can post funny images, have a public conversation on social issues or just say a friendly hi.

Live Stream has multiple tabs inside it which includes recent, favorites, hot and a lot more. You get to see public post with a lot of comments in Hot, your favorite’s updates in favorites and recent posts in recent.

Gifts and Badges

The gifts and badges are the most amusing part of WNM Near Me. You can send virtual gifts to people whom you have met. But in order to do so, you have to earn WNM points. The more conversations you have, the more points you earn.

You can also earn points by posting messages in the Live Stream, being the first one to say hi who has just joined this app and there are a lot more ways. And the points you have earned gives you a rank inside the app. The gifts are just cute and adorable and some of them are ‘get well’ thermometer, ‘super star’ star, a bag of money, ‘hi’ penguins and a bunch more.

The badges are given by the app when you reach their target. There is a 10 conversation badge, 1000 conversation badge, top 100 badge which is given when the user’s rank is under 100, a shades badge when the person is logged in to WNM 27 out of 30 days and there are a plenty more.


This app is a great download if you’re looking to make friends via your mobile. The gifts and badges are a cool way to get people hooked up to the app.

It would have been better if it wasn’t ad supported but it doesn’t take up much of the screen space. The app being free gets an extra point. If you are a social junkie, you’ll love this app.


WNM Near Me is a lot like other social networks, except rather than connecting you with your friends; it helps you make new friendships with people living near you! In fact, WNM Near Me has no concepts of "friends" - you can see and talk with anybody.

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