Photoscape: A Free Professional Photo Editor

Whether we’re updating our Facebook profile picture or going out searching for the best scenes on earth, we all need a tool to edit with. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are definitely not cheap though. As well as the cost part, programs like Adobe are often very hard to use and take a considerable amount of time to grasp. The learning curve, as it were, is pretty steep.

I digress. Image editing can often be a struggle. And finding the right tool is harder than one might like to think as it takes a non-trivial amount of effort to actually find the best program for you. Photoscape is a free service which hopes to completes these tasks easily and effectively! Read on to find out more!

How I Found Photoscape

Let me tell you a story. I’ve been freelance writing for around four months now and all of my work needs pictures: screenshots of the program, images showing how the program works and logos to appear at the top of the page.

All of these need to be in the correct sizes or my articles won’t be accepted. Personally, when I found this out I freaked. I didn’t want to use Paint to re-size and edit my images every single day of my life. So, I decided to do a Google search…

Editor’s note: If you’re wondering, Sam is using a Windows skinning tool that mimics the fabled Aqua UI. And yes, you will need to put down those pitchforks! I’m sure all of us have gone through this phase.

Photoscape Doesn’t Look Much From The WebPage, It’s True. But Don’t Be Misled!

After trawling through a few other programs, which undoubtedly weren’t for me because of their difficulty or lack of options I required, I came across Photoscape, a free app and probably the simplest program to use in the world. After playing around for about five minutes I had worked out everything I needed and used them to edit my photos.

What Can You Do With Photoscape?

Photoscape contains a wealth of different features and abilities, and all are geared towards a certain purpose.

  • Viewer: A way to view your images and display in a slideshow
  • Editor: Displays one photo at a time with a range of options to manipulate your image. (Full Section On Editor Later!)
  • Batch Editor: Edit multiple photos in one click!
  • Animated GIF: Allows you to combine multiple picture to make a scrolling photo. A great little animation tool!
  • Page: A way to merge images together, and creating one image
  • Combine:Attach multiple photos together, either horizontally or vertically (Shown Below)
  • Combining Two Images Together Using The Combine Tool!

  • Screen Capture: (Shown on Right Above) Allows you to take your own screenshots to a specific vicinity differentiating between what you want to show. After taking a screenshot it will automatically be taken to the editor!
  • Print: This tool is brilliant. It allows you to print photos in whatever sizes you want. Whether it be a passport photo or one for the family frame – an easy way to save money by not using photo booths
  • A Very Easy Way To Pick Your Desired Size!

  • Splitter: Split a photo into pieces
  • Colour Picker: Gives you the ability to zoom in on a photo and pick a specific colour
  • Name: Change a multiple number of pictures names instantly
  • Raw Converter: Convert RAW (Photos taken with DSLR) to JPG
  • Face Search: Find similar faces to the ones in your photos online!
  • Paper Print: Allows you to print off a variety of different paper from lined to calendars!

Paper Print

As you can quickly see, Photoscape possesses many helpful features you wouldn’t ever think of. For example, the print feature. Where else do you see an uncomplicated tool to print the correct sizes of pictures?

Personally, Paper Print is my favourite because of its uniqueness and actually how helpful the tool can be. If we ever run out of lined paper in the house, I know where to go!

Editor Tool In Depth

I briefly mentioned the editor tool, however, it has many more features than what meets the eye. I mainly use it to crop and re-size, as they apply directly to my job. But, occasionally when editing professional photographs I do use some others. You can see the tab bar of options below!

Tools Available On Editor!

I’m not going to explain what every button does as it’s quite self-explanatory. However, I do want to go deeper into the filter tool. This tool has a wide range of different abilities and effects to implement onto your desired images. This includes effects such as focus, emboss and placing a film effect on the photo. The amount of possibilities is humongous!

Tools On The Filter Option!

For a few minutes I decided to play around with some of the tools. Taking a picture from my trip to Krakow, Poland, I decided to use a focus and a film effect on it. See the difference below! (Photo Made Using Combine Tool)

Original Image on Left, Edited Image on Right!

As you can see the image has been altered dramatically within 20 seconds. However, my editing skills are terrible so you’re bound to have a better go at it!


In my opinion, Photoscape is a professional piece of software which has definitely been expertly designed. It provides the user with many desirable features as well as giving them an easy to understand layout. This makes the whole process simple and doesn’t force the user to waste hours learning how to actually use the software.

All in all, Photoscape is fantastic for me. It allows me to go about my everyday business easier and has a firm place on my desktop. Hopefully it can join yours too! Let us know what your views are on Photoscape! We would love to hear from you!


A free and easy-to-use service, Photoscape allows you to edit your photos simply!