Draw Your Masterpiece With Sketch Board for Windows Phone

Do you know how tough it is and how much effort it takes to sketch something? I sure know how seeing as I’m not really gifted in the sketching department. I draw something, find it stupid, erase it and redraw from scratch. After a while, I end up with an entire layer of paper erased off. Yikes!

I recently found an app called Sketch Board. I was skeptical at first as usual. But I later found it to be a fun app to use. It’s just like using MS Paint in your desktop. I had always been a fan of sketching applications and I badly wanted to try this out. Now, let’s see all the features the app has to offer.

Getting Started

Well… You know how to download an app from the Windows Marketplace, right? Just search for Sketch Board and download the app. I tried out the free version but there is also a paid version available. Choose appropriately. The free version is about 1 MB and is, sadly, ad supported.

First Run

When you run it for the first time, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t understand a single thing. That’s because there is literally no text in the interface and everything looks like it is sketched with a pencil.

Luckily, the first time you run the app, Sketch Board displays a bunch of instructions about what each sketch/option at the bottom means. Without it, I’m sure it would take a long time to get used to the app.The way they have portrayed the instructions are quite creative.

They have boxed each of the options in a different color followed by the instruction in the same matching color. It might sound dull but when you look at it, I’m sure you’ll like it.

The user interface of the app is pretty simple and drama free. It consists of white space where you can unleash your creativity and at the bottom, there are sketching options which helps to you create top notch art. There is nothing else there.

Creating Your Masterpiece

I started trying to draw the logo of Sketch Board which is a simple pencil drawn with a lead. It is a black and white sketch and I’m happy to say that I actually drew it with the app. That was really reassuring for me. It was able to track each and every move quickly and the lines and edges were sharp.

At the bottom of the app, the first option is a pencil with which you can draw. Once you select the tool, three options are displayed in the top viz., width, height and opacity. These options determine the style of the pencil.

When you increase the width and not the height, the resulting line looks like the one drawn with a brush. The same goes for increasing the height except that the result looks much different. I guess opacity is self explanatory. If you just want the usual pencil effect, keep the height and width as low as possible.

There is one other option here called bind. It is nothing but a feature which basically makes sure the height and width of the brush are proportional.

Choosing Your Palette

You can change the color of the pencil by tapping on the color mixing plate (I’m not sure what it is called exactly) at the bottom. The app displays a screen with a color palette.

You can either choose a color from it or use pick color and tap on a color in your photo. The app automatically identifies the color and applies it as your pencil color.

Importing Pictures

Sketch Board is a cool app for drawing pretty things or quirky mustaches on the photos of your friends. You can import photos from your pictures library on your Windows phone by tapping on the square image with colored picture on it. Again, without the help instructions, you wouldn’t know which icon denotes what.

Once you import a picture, you can use the same options for drawing stuff on the picture. If you draw something insanely pretty and you want it just on the white board and not on the picture, you can hide the picture or adjust the opacity.

This is a extremely useful feature at times, trust me. One example I can think right now is, you can import the picture and draw the outline on the picture since that is the tough part for me. Now, hide the picture and add as many details as you want.

If the photo is large, the app doesn’t decrease the size of the image. Instead, you can move around the image by using the hand icon at the bottom.

Checking Out the Pencil Effect

Did you know you can apply pencil effects to your photos? Yeah, one of the few perks of downloading Sketch Board is that it creates brilliant pencil effects to the images you import.

To induce the effects, just tap on the icon which has a picture and a pencil. Be careful to choose a proper image to convert. An image with a lot of details might ghastly. So, beware and choose appropriately!

Misc Features

There are a few other features too. One of them is saving the pictures you draw to your Skydrive account. You ought to configure it in the settings so that you can backup your work then and there. You can also save the sketch to your mobile. It saves them in the Saved Pictures in your Windows mobile.

Speaking of settings, there are a few options there. You can hide the tools, set the board size and a background color to the board so that you don’t have to spend time coloring the board with the pencil.

There are two options to clear the screen. One option clears the screen but when you undo it, you can get your image back. The other option clears it permanently and you can’t recover your sketch ever.

If you love something you have created using Sketch Board, you can pin it to the start up screen and glare at it as much as your want during work or school. I know it might sound cheesy, but I did that. When you tap on it, you don’t get to see the images in the picture mode but it opens in the app and you can edit it there. But when you view it in the albums, it opens as a picture.

The only drawback I noticed is that it is a very simple app and I would love it if it had a lot of features. The options are slightly limited and after a while, there is a chance you might get bored and require more.

Wrapping Up

Frankly speaking, I liked the app. I wasn’t crazy about it but I sure am fond of it. It is a great way to discover how good you really are at sketches and its features are enough for users like me.


It's a wonderful tool for sketching. You can sketch anything as your mind . What's more, you can even sketch base on a photo or a picture.