Ginger: An Invaluable Tool For Writers

As a writer I’m always looking for tools to help make my job easier. Grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously one of the most embarrassing experiences for any writer. And even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. These normally come as accidental and can lead to work not being accepted. After being annoyed by this for months I decided I needed a utility to assist me.

That’s when I found Ginger, a free and easy to use grammar checker. Though, when I first found Ginger I was skeptical, because most of these pieces of software require payment and are difficult to use. However, this seemed like the perfect tool for me, and probably you too! Read on to find out more!

An Introduction

I came across Ginger two months ago now and since then I’ve used it on every single article I’ve written. And embarrassingly, without fail, the software has always found a stupid mistake I’ve made (even after I’ve proof read.) This really helps in two ways, it helps me learn where I’m making common mistakes and makes my editor’s job that bit easier. Meaning he’s spending his time on more productive activities than improving my English.

Homepage Of Ginger!

Now I won’t ever submit anything without running it through Ginger, reassuring me that I have everything up to scratch. However, even if you’re not a writer, don’t be put off. Ginger works in a variety of different programs and software. I mainly use Ginger in WordPress, however, it also works in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Firefox and Chrome. Although, for some browsers you need to install a “Plug-In” or “Add-on” to allow the software to actually work.

I also find that I use this app on my school essays and work. Personally, I feel being a student is a hard job. Constant work which seems to never stop. Also, being a student typically means that you’ll be doing most of your work in the early hours of the day. And because of this your grammar will suffer. This can be a terrible problem for the majority of students and Ginger helps them save time and energy for other things.

Using Ginger!

During my search for a grammar checker I came across many programs which required you to copy and paste your whole work – which is a real hassle. If we want to improve we need to be able to check each line individually. This allows you to realise your mistakes and remember them for future references. And that’s exactly what Ginger does!

Don’t Worry! This Is A Deliberate Mistake To Show The Use Of Ginger!

Placing your cursor at the start of your work and then pressing “F2” starts the process going. From then on the program will go through each line individually, looking for your mistakes. When you start the checker a toolbar-like display will appear at the top of your page – this will be split into two. The top being your original work and the bottom showing the suggested improvements. Mistakes will appear in red, and improvements in blue. Clicking on a blue word will give you a range of different words which Ginger thinks you mean.

Two buttons are on the left side too: “Skip” which goes against Ginger’s recommendations, and “Approve” which will make the changes. You can also type new words in by double clicking on the bottom toolbar, making you able to edit even further. I really love the fact you can isolate one sentence at a time. It really allows the user to pick up anything they’ve missed.

What Can Premium Give You?

Until recently I only realised that this program offers “Paid for options.” These really aren’t necessary, however, if you would like to improve your work quicker and easier they can be a nice boost. The Premium option normally costs $140, but, at the moment there’s a 40% sale, making the program $89 – still quite a lot of money.

Premium Purchases!

So, what does Premium actually give you? Well, your money goes towards two different abilities. Firstly, lessons to improve your English online. Ginger makes personalised tutorials based on the mistakes you’ve been making – which is actually fantastic! This means that the program isn’t just teaching you unnecessary general work, it’s teaching you stuff you actually need. Working as a “private tutor”, this tool can be fantastic for those looking to improve.

The other feature of Premium is a: Text-To-Speech Reader – this really impressed me as well. Instead of just giving you a text checker on Ginger. This tool reads aloud your text in a high quality human voice – not the normal “Microsoft Sam” voice, an actual human. This allows you to improve your pronunciation and accent. You don’t get that much for your buck with Premium. Having said that, both these tools are fantastic and can help you in so many ways.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Ginger is absolutely brilliant. Its simple concept is executed perfectly, getting the job done quick and easy. Improving your English is key for nearly everyone, whether you’re a university student or the editor for The New York Times, and Ginger can help you here! And unless I find anything better, I plan to always use Ginger for the rest of my writing career.

Thanks For Reading! Let us know what you think of Ginger below!


As a free grammar checker Ginger stops you from making embarrassing mistakes ever again!