Get Organized With Tasks

I am one of those people who has the compulsive need to be so darn punctual and pre-plan every tiny bit of thing that happens around me. I have multiple apps that keep me organised on my desktop but I have been searching for a good mobile app for days and I finally came across Tasks.

Tasks is a simple but an excellent app for planning and organising your day to day affairs. It gives you the luxury of creating to-do lists, notes, project and add multiple to-do tasks and notes to it. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!

Getting Started

It takes less than a minute to find and download the app through your Windows Phone. Just tap on Windows Marketplace and search for Tasks.

Even though the app has a very generic name, there are not a lot of apps consisting of tasks as a part of their name. Tasks is less than one MB. So downloading it is a piece of cake.

User Interface

The user interface of Tasks is super colourful. When I ran it for the first time, I actually thought I downloaded some kids’ app by mistake. I guess the theme of Tasks is some kind of a bee hive or a cellular thing? I’m not sure. But it sure is stylish, funky and very attractive.

Tasks is not boring like most other organising apps, I must say. They have included almost all basic colors from red to magenta into their design. I guess that is what makes this app very flashy and interesting.

On the first run, there is nothing you have to configure. The functionality is pretty simple. You can drag through the screen to get a gist of tasks and projects that you have created. Check out the settings tab which consists of a lot of options which makes this app very user friendly.


Let us go in to the core functionality now. The main use of this app is to create tasks, duh! To do so, flip through the screen and you’ll find a screen dedicated to creating and viewing tasks. Tap on “new task” located at the top right side of the screen. It is a bit hidden and hard to locate though.

When you tap on it, a new screen is opened and this is where you specify the name of the task and a lot of information regarding it. You can also choose a category of the task and add it to an existing category or create a new one at the moment.

The app also lets you set the priority and a remainder so that it’ll remind you to do your work promptly, just like all moms like to do. Now, these are the basic options it provides.

Advanced Options

Tap on “More options” below and get a whole new dimension of options. You can add an e-mail or a phone number and when tapping on it will prompt a call or send an e-mail, set the occurrence of the tasks (once or more) and add a voice memo if the task is just too large to type in a sentence or you’re too lazy to type it. You can also add notes to it and add a picture.

Once the tasks are created, all of them are neatly organised in a row. You can tap on the Tasks in the main menu and see what tasks are due today, next, overdue and completed tasks. You can also manually mark the task “Completed” by selecting the task and tapping the check sign.


I should probably tell you this beforehand. One or more tasks makes up a project. This is quite useful when you are the head of some event or an actual project and you are in charge of performing multiple tasks.

Creating a project is same as creating a task except that you don’t get any options except specifing a name, setting the status and the due date and adding notes to it for future reference.

Once you are done creating the project, you can add the tasks by tapping on the project and ‘add new task’. But you cannot add existing tasks to the project. Well, that is a bummer and an issue I hope is fixed in the next version.


The screen next to Projects is Categories. Tasks has multiple categories to which you can assign your tasks to. They are arranged as tiles just like Windows OS design and each tile denotes the number of existing tasks it holds. The categories are color coded and once you assign your task to a category, the number at the respective tile increases.

Tasks gives you the luxury of creating your own category and applying a color scheme to it. You can also delete the predefined categories. It includes shopping, study, personal, store and more. In order to make it fun, it lets you add teeny-tiny icons to the name of the category.

Pinning the category to the start menu lets you view the number of incomplete and active tasks in the home screen so that you don’t have to load the entire app to see how slothful you are.

Outlook Synchronization

Finally, did you know that you can synchronize your Outlook tasks to your mobile Tasks? Yes! So, when you are work, create a to-do list from your Outlook account and sync in to your mobile through Tasks when you are out shopping so that you don’t miss anything important or relevant. But make sure you configure your outlook account in Tasks first.


Tasks is one of the most efficient organizing apps that I have used and it saves me a lot of time and makes me effective. It is a free app and one that’s not advertisement supported- the best of both worlds. I give it a 9/10.


Put an end to the chaos in your personal affairs with the Tasks app. It will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all your projects.