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Long gone are the days when we physically had to flip through the pages to read the news. In this ADD infused age, who has the time to actually sit in a place and read what is going on? We have started to read 700 page novels in our laptops and tablets because it is convenient this way. So why not news?

Looking for a good news app, I came across Newser in the Windows Marketplace. Newser is one of those apps which gives you all the essential news from all around the world. The good thing is that the stories are not lengthy and you can actually read and parse something in less than a minute which is a boon to people who really don’t like to read much. All it takes is a decent internet connection and you can be well read and informed!

The First Run

Finding and downloading the app shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Go to the Windows Marketplace and download the app. You know the drill, right? Once done, load the app. Make sure the internet connection is always on. There is no prior configuration required.

The user interface of the app is pretty decent. The logo is a simple ‘n’ which is quite elegant I must say. The setting of the app is a collage of multiple news strips which looks very good and really appropriate to the title of the application.

The main screen is split into four screens viz., latest, popular, breaking and superlatives. The names speaks for itself but I’ll give you a little gist of what every screen deals with.

A Look at the Screens

The ‘latest’ part of Newser updates with the latest news periodically. Usually, four main news pieces are displayed in the home screen. To view all the latest news, just tap on the ‘View all latest news’ and you’ll get all latest news lined one by one and sorted in the descending order of when the news was posted by the Newser staff.

The ‘popular’ part of the app consists of the most user read stories, uploaded by Newser. Each news article has a catchy headline with the time and date of when it was posted.

The ‘breaking’ part has high profile news that you probably should know. It doesn’t necessarily contain only the news that is posted that specific day though.

In order to explain you the ‘superlatives’ part, I got to tell you one tiny tihng. Every time you read a story, you have the option to vote the story as hilarious, brilliant, scary, depressing, intriguing or annoying.

So, through the superlatives screen, you can choose which type of story you want to read. I personally likes this feature because I got to know what people actually think of the news. But hey, even if you accidentally vote brilliant instead of annoying, you can’t undo it. I spent quite a time on undoing it and yet no use.

Comments and Social Networking

Newser gives you the option to pour out your thoughts on the subject. In order to do that, you ought to have a valid userid on the Newser site. But the app lets you register through the mobile too and it took me a less than 10 seconds. So no biggie.

The same is required to share a piece of news on social networking sites. While creating an app specific account isn’t great, let us not be picky, please? Even though Newser is advertisement supported, you don’t see much ads on the top and it takes up very less space compared to other ad supported mobile applications – trust me.

Aggregating the News

According to the app details, the Newser staff select the 60 most essential and entertaining news, every day, and post it to the readers. When you are on the go and you have the urge to know what the heck is happening around you, Newser is the right app for you.

The news in Newser are short and crisp. There is no unnecessary content or filler content. The writers stick to three to four tiny paragraphs per news with one or two photographs related to it. When you flip through the screen, you’ll find news that are related to it too so that you’ll know what is happening in the world of politics or crime.

Other Features

I did say that you can read news according to the genre, right? Newser has created a pretty wild list ranging from world to luxury living. Each and every section has a minimum of ten news related to it and they update it each and every day.

Newser even gives you the luxury of searching for a specific topic or a person to look for in the news. As a joke I entered ‘cake’ and I was surprised to see a lot of news that are actually related to cake. Whoa! This app just got a lot more interesting to me.

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, Newser is a gret app to have on your mobile and it gets an extra point for being a free app.

None of us have the time to sit around and flip through newpapers everyday which is why the focused new pieces work great. The Newser staff seem to be doing a wonderful job and the user interface is more than adequate. I definitely think it’s worth checking out!


Newser's writers and editors carefully select just 60 of the most essential, entertaining, and delightfully quirky news items to cover each day. And at just two paragraphs each, our sharply written stories pack in only the most interesting details—none of the boring stuff—and are quick and easy to digest, especially on the go.

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