Guild Wars 2: The First Impressions

As you guys have probably realized I’m a massive fan of the MMORPG genre and everything in it. My most recent time sink has been Guild Wars 2, the long awaited sequel to Guild Wars – and a time sink isn’t an overstatement. Since its release at the end of August I’ve put about 300 hours of play time into Tyria, the game’s virtual world. You may call me an addict, and that’s probably true but, as you’ll find out this is more of a love than an addiction.

A few months ago we covered the Guild Wars 2 Beta, this was a hefty review which summarised all the basics of the game. In this article, I will take a look at my favourite parts of the game and show what’s so appealing about it. If you’re interested in Guild Wars from this article I would recommend looking at the Beta review too. Though it may be a bit out of date, most of the principles are the same.

Find out more about my experiences with the worlds biggest new MMORPG!

Introduction To Me: Mulder Skull

Last week, after hours of work,  I made level 80, the maximum level. Personally, this has been one of my most enjoyable levelling experiences. After playing many other MMO’s in the past, Guild Wars 2 was a refreshing change of events. (I will explain this system in the next section) Also, for any Guild Wars players on “Underworld” be sure to drop me a whisper, I’ll be happy to assist.

Mulder Skull, and the basic interface.


In Guild Wars, the time it takes to get from 1-10 should be the same as the time it takes from 70-80. I think this is great as this makes the levelling process steady and doesn’t force you to keep grinding all the time. Instead of the endless pain of grinding, you level through clearing areas around the map. Each area has a different level range such as 0-15, or 40-50. One thing which really excites me is the fact that even if you’re at level 60 and go into a level 30 area, you’ll be leveled down in the area, meaning that you’ll be getting the same amount experience if you were doing areas of the same level. An interesting by Arena Net to say the least.

An area on the map with all the objectives completed.

I briefly mentioned clearing area’s above, but I really think I should explore this in more depth – because it’s awesome. Clearing an area means finishing all of the objectives on the map. These include: Renown Hearts, Skill Challenges, Vistas, Points Of Interest and Waypoints. Once collecting all of these in a certain area you will be able to claim a reward, this will contain money, experience and items. Including collecting all of the objectives and the final completion result, you can gain up to 1-3 levels per clear which is a very fun and fast way to gain experience.

Quick introduction to objectives: ( All of these give you a small amount of experience when completed)

  • Renown Hearts- These are quests in the area and these pop up randomly when running around. There are normally thirteen of these in an area.
  • Skill Challenges- These involve you killing a mob or just meditating at a point. Around, eight of these in an area.
  • Vistas- Hardest part to get my opinion, and the funnest. These can be difficult to get and can involve some hard jumping! Two or three in an area.
  • Points Of Interest- Easiest to achieve, all that’s necessary is to walk over a certain point. Normally around 20 in map.
  • Waypoints- These are points on the map which you can jump to, quickly traveling around the area. Around thirteen in area.

The full map completed.

Also, when clearing an area, random events will pop up. These are just quests which give you some nice extra experience and money. Something I really love about quests in Guild Wars is that there is no need to keep running back to a quest giver. Once finished you will instantly gain a reward.

World Vs World

The PVP involvement in the game revolves mainly around World Vs World. This consists of four different areas which worlds fight to compete for in full PvP warfare. If anyone has ever played Aion, it’s really just a variation on that game style. Personally, I don’t like it. I loved the Guild Wars Alliance Battles from the previous game. There is a version of this on Guild Wars Two, but, no where near as good.

World Vs World entering system.

Trading Post

The trading post is something I really admire on Guild Wars 2. Unlike other MMORPGS, this game offers an auction type system. Therefore, if I loot a Gold Spear for instance I can then right click on the object and select “Sell To Trading Post”. Once the interface appears I will be shown how much people are offering for this weapon. These are people who want this item and have picked a price they would pay, giving you an instant sale. Alternatively, you could always just pick your own price and wait for someone else.

The reason I love this system so much is cause of its simplicity and effectiveness. The whole process is easy to use and allows you to quickly carry on playing your game. This was definitely one of the stand out features.


Guild Wars was famous for its dungeons. Every day people would group up and venture into the depths of Tyria, looking for an hour of two of freedom – and this game doesn’t disappoint. Guild Wars 2 comes with eight different dungeons which will need to be completed in story mode, this normally takes an hour or two with a decent team. Once completing the story mode you can move onto explorable, this contains around three different passages – leading you down a variety of possible routes. (Explorable mode completion will take a much longer time though)



I’ve highlighted some of my favourite parts of Guild Wars 2 today, a game which has changed the way MMORPG’s are played and brought a whole new element to the gaming world. I love it! Clever designs, handy interfaces and future of even more to come!

What do you think of Guild Wars 2? How’s your gaming experience so far? Let us know below!


Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the successful Guild Wars. Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the defeat of the Great Destroyer. Elder Dragons have been awakened and are causing widespread destruction to Tyria. The human race is in decline and other races have populated the continent.