Far Cry 3: The Ultimate Open-World FPS?

The FPS genre has always been very popular among gamers. However, when you combine a first-person shooter with an open-world, RPG-like experience, the result is something that is truly unique. The most recent installment to the Far Cry series, Far Cry 3, utilizes this concept to its full potential. Being an FPS fan myself, I couldn’t resist picking up a copy of the game after noticing the abundance of popularity it began to receive over the past few weeks.

After Far Cry 2, it seemed as though this series would slowly fizzle out of popularity. Can Far Cry 3 bring it back to life? Let’s take a look and find out.


Far Cry 3 kicks off with a group of stereotypical rich college kids partying on a small group of islands in the West Pacific. After an unfortunate skydive, the protagonist, Jason, and his group of friends are captured by a group of pirates. When you wake up, you’re locked in a cage with your brother while Vaas, the fantastically insane villain, reveals his intentions to sell you into the slave trade. You need to escape Vaas’ grip, find your friends, and flee the island; you must do this while surviving the harsh environment of the jungle.

As the story progresses, you’ll watch Jason grow from a kid who is scared to shoot a gun, to a cold-blooded killer. However, Jason is just one of the many incredible characters in Far Cry 3. All of the characters feature their own unique and entertaining personalities. I particularly enjoy how Vaas demonstrates his deranged mind.

The sense of action and adventure in Far Cry 3 never ends. There’s always another group of pirates to kill, more animals to hunt, and more things to blow up. This can be entertaining for a while, but Far Cry 3 seems to lack a story that has the ability to keep me consistently interested. After the first few hours of playing, I found myself more entertained by aimlessly running around the map and killing pirates rather than playing through the campaign.


Far Cry 3 provides you with an incredible open-world experience along with a plethora of weapons and customization options. You can buy snipers, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and much more. The majority of weapons in the game can be personalized with skins and other attachments.

My favorite aspect of Far Cry 3’s gameplay is its ability to provide you with a different experience depending on your playing style. For example, you can decide whether to sneak up on a guard and silently stab him from behind, or grab an LMG and rain bullets upon every moving object. Even more uniquely, the guards will react differently each time.

The wide variety of transportation methods is yet another element of Far Cry 3 of which I am extremely fond of. You can drive boats, trucks, ATVs, cars, jet skis, and even hang gliders. For those areas that you can’t fast travel to, manually navigating your way to your destination is certainly far from mundane.

If you feel like taking a break from the action, Far Cry 3 features an assortment of mini games. You can play a quick game of poker, practice your knife throwing skills, or race your way through the island in a car race. These mini games are also a great way to earn a little extra cash when you’re running low.


So far, my experience with Far Cry 3’s multiplayer has been tedious and unstable. In particular, I find the communication system to be sub par. I understand that the quality of a gaming voice system is not intended to be fantastic, but the amount of static that is present when a player is talking is nearly unbearable. Many other aspects of Far Cry’s multiplayer such as dead bodies flashing across the screen and lack of vehicles make the experience seem unfinished. I highly doubt that Far Cry’s multiplayer will ever amount to the popularity of something like Call of Duty or Halo. Then again, I don’t believe it was ever intended to.

Irrespective of Far Cry’s poor online multiplayer, I find the cooperative aspect of the game to be fairly enjoyable. The cooperative campaign takes place on a separate island six months before the single player campaign begins. The primary reason that I enjoy the multiplayer campaign is the fact that all of the missions are optimized for multiple players as opposed to a simple increase in enemies. However, if you do find yourself facing a large quantity of enemies, Far Cry will show no mercy and assume that there are four players. This can potentially make your experience far more challenging if there are only two or three players.


Far Cry 3 is one of the most entertaining FPS games I have played in many years. It’s fun, looks great, and is a seemingly never-ending source of entertainment. With the exception of multiplayer, almost every aspect of the game seems to be polished and well thought out. If you consider yourself to be a fan of open-world FPS games, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Far Cry 3 and giving it a shot. Before committing to buy, however, I would recommend that you make sure your system meets Far Cry 3’s minimum requirements as this game can be incredibly GPU and CPU intensive.

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Far Cry 3 is an excellent open-world FPS game with a wide variety of weapons and vehicles but lacks a stable online experience and an intriguing plot.