Create Fantastic Looking Collages With Phototastic

I loved creating collages when I was a kid. I tried making one now and apparently I’m not very good at them now and physically ruined the original photos whilst making a collage. Shucks! In this digital age, making a real collage is time consuming and how would you brag about them to your friends? This is where Phototastic comes in handy.

Unlike other photography related apps, Phototastic focuses mainly on making impressive collages rather than addinging effects on the images. Well, you can do that too as there are innumerable options in this app. Let’s take a look!

Getting Started

There are two versions in the Windows Marketplace viz., Phototastic and Phototastic Free. The first one is a paid version while the latter is a free version of the app which is pretty obvious from its name.

I downloaded the free version which is ad supported. Its size is about 7 MB and the reviews were very persuasive. The ratings of the paid and the free version were just the same.

First Run

My first impression was that Phototastic is a professional looking app. It has a clean interface with an appropriate background. I am happy that it is not too bright and flaunty.

The smart bar at the bottom doesn’t really have any icons related to the app. It has options like rating the app, unlocking the features by buying Phototastic. You get the idea, right? The settings are minimal and easily understandable.

You don’t have to flip through the screen to get an idea of the supported features of the app. They are all lined up right in the main screen called Classic, Film, Facebook and Wallpaper.

Making Classic Collages With Phototastic

The Classic part of the app contains mosaics for creating regular classic collages. Here, Phototastic gives you an option to create portrait, square, landscape, flimstrip or complex mosaics.

The mosaics are nothing but layouts containing one or more frames that fits in the pictures. You can use a maximum of six pictures in the collages. The designs for the portrait and square are more or less the same except that the end overall picture is either a square or a portrait. Every possible combination for one to six image collages are designed and all you have to do is select a layout and add your pictures to it.

A landscape mosaic can contain one to three pictures while a flimstrip can only accomodate one to four images since a flimstrip is considered to be long. Complex mosaics contains very complicated arrangement of frames embedded in to one another. You can use four small images and one large one or two large pictures and three small ones. There are an awful lot of options here. When you see it, you’ll get an idea.

Adding the Pictures

Once you make up your mind on a layout, it is time to add images and make it look pretty. To do so, just tap on the frames. You can either select an image from your media library or you can take a photo. Did you know you have an option of taking pictures with both front and rear end cameras through phototastic? Excellent!

There are two other options called Quality Action Camera and Fast Action Camera — nothing but setting a time frame and the number of pictures you want to take. The app will take consequent pictures automatically.

Once the pictures are added, you can tap on the image to induce effects or move it to a side so that the person actually fits in to the predefined frame. You can also rotate the image, tilt it to sides or use mirror effects on it.

There are more than 30 picture effects which is quite amazing. The best part is that I noticed a number of effects that are not on other photographic apps and it was exhilarating. This is the place where you make your creativity run wild. Once you are done, you can save it to your image gallery or publish it to your Facebook wall. The free version only supports Facebook. With the paid version of Phototastic, you can post it to Flickr, Twitter Photobucket and Tumblr.

Film and Facebook

Here, it is all about the style of the frames! You can create classic poloroid, photobooth, grunge and film styled pictures. Pick the frame you love to be on and add the effects. If you want to write something on it, you can also add text, pick a font and add colors if you want to.

Phototastic gives you an option of creating pretty neat profile and cover photos for Facebook. When I tried opening it, it said I can do so if and only if I Like Thumbmonkey on Facebook. So I had to go through the bribe to unlock the feature.

As usual, there are layouts to create interesting cover photos. Since the cover is super wide, you can use as many as ten pictures. There are all possible combinations of frames. So does for the profile pictures.

Wallpaper and Other Features

Bored of downloading wallpapers from the internet? Try creating your own lock screen by customizing your pictures of your loved ones through Phototastic. I loved that I can use various photos of diffent styles and bring them together in a single wallpaper.

Until now, I thought I couldn’t actually change the style of the border of the pictures created by Phototastic. But no! It lets you alter the inner and the outer width, change the radius and set colors. You might think it doesn’t make a lot of difference, but it really does!

Wrapping Up

Phototastic really does stands out amoung other photo related app in the Windows Marketplace. It is an excellent app for creating top notch collages and there are a lot of effects that isn’t in most apps. I had a lot of fun and why don’t you give it a try? I give it a 9/10.


With Phototastic you can create fantastic looking collages of your photos. Create a collage using classic frame borders or choose from one of the film templates like Polaroid, photobooth or filmstrip or try out the new Facebook cover photo frames.

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