CPU Z: The Best Way To Keep An Eye On Everything!

Monitoring all the hardware in your computer can be an almighty task. Forgetting what your actual specs are is quite easy – not everyone memorizes that information. But knowing this information is vital, specially when something breaks. Luckily, CPU Z is an app which can help you achieve this task quick and easy.

CPU Z is a free application for your Windows desktop which allows you to view all the specific hardware inside your computer. As it shows all the key information and statistics, you’ll never need to dig out hardware boxes ever again. Read on to see what CPU Z is capable of!


What is CPU Z? Basically, it makes you able to see everything going on inside that box we all the CPU. Being able to look at everything from the name of your CPU to the type of technology your graphics card uses. This can be useful in a range of different situations, and really just helps you keep on top of everything.

CPU details.

What Can You Look At?

In this part of the article I’m going to run through all the things you can view on CPU Z. Hopefully, like me, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of figures from this free app.

I’m going to split this section into different tabs and what each one shows. There are seven different tabs along the top, and most of them provide valuable information.


On the first tab you can view the most detailed information of your CPU you could ever wish for. On this page the kind of things displayed are: names, constantly updating clock speeds, number of cores and much more. The majority of these keep changing due to the happenings in your computer.

One thing I really like is that you can select which CPU you want to view, (if you use more than one.) This means you can view them separately and compare. Finding out key information about each one.


The next tab along is labelled Caches. This shows all the caches you’re using as well as a size and description.


Again, this shows the manufacturer, model and chipset. One thing which is great on this tab is the ability to see what brand of BIOS you’re using as well as the version number. This basically tells me if this needs an update too, by telling you the release date of this BIOS.

Mainboard readout.


Memory shows the type and size of your memory as you would expect. Although, it also shows technical data of all your timing and the number of clocks.


This tab again is related to memory. Being able to differentiate between each memory slot and view details on each. As well as looking at the timings of many different stats.


The graphics tab of course shows the status of your graphics card. This displays name, clock speeds and memory. All the important stuff.

My graphics card.

About and Validation

What you’d expect on an about page. Here you can see the company policy and link to home web page. You can also view your version of Windows, showing the operating system, service pack number and DirectX.

Validation is a button which is at the bottom of every tab of CPU Z. This button may confuse people, but, all it really does is records your results in a database. This database will then show overclock records and other information which may be of use.


If you take the concept and put in into consideration, CPU Z is perfect, it’s easy to use and always works to a high standard. This is because the app is basically nothing. It takes around five seconds to load up and you’re viewing everything you need instantly. All in all, this is a perfect app which performs its purpose with minimal fuss.

When Would I Use CPU Z

You may be looking at this app and thinking to yourself, “would I actually use this?” And the answer is yes. Personally, I use the app every time I decide to start playing a new game. This is because as we all know, year on year, the specs required are much higher.

And for the life of me I can’t actually remember what specs I have already. Using CPU Z I can quickly compare between the game and my computer to find out how good the game will run on my system. If you want to update your rig, this will come quite in handy when choosing the type of memory, CPU sockets, motherboard chipset etc.

SPD interface.

What I really love about this app is that it’s simple. Everything is displayed and clearly for you to access at any time. I can start up the app whenever I like to compare any stat I want. Basically this is a technical but easy to use app which will be handy in some situations.


In conclusion, CPU Z is a great tool for anyone who likes to configure their hardware to their own specific needs. Being able to look at everything is a great ability which is necessary for a lot of people. CPU Z is free, fast and simple, allowing for quick access and easy navigation.

How do you look at everything inside your computer? Do you use CPU Z already? Let us know below.


CPU Z is an app which allows you to view the hardware specifications of your computer quickly and easily!