Metro: The Free And Informative Newspaper

The media is important to everyone. It allows us to find out everything we need to know as well as influencing our everyday lives. However, there are so many different types of media it’s often hard to choose which one we would like to read, watch or listen to. Personally, I prefer to read my news — this way allows me to take everything in at my own pace and give me the opportunity to quickly come back to it later.

Although, ever since buying my Windows Phone I’ve been in desperate need of a capable and fast news application. Eventually, I came across Metro, a free newspaper which is heavily circulating in the UK.

Read on to find out if Metro is the app for you!

What Is Metro

If you’re a UK citizen you’ve probably heard of Metro before. Metro is a free newspaper which is part of the same media group as the Daily Mail — this is often distributed in every bus, train station or airport. I remember last week going into town and seeing at least five places where you could pick up Metro and read to your heart’s content. In fact, I’ve read it on previous occasions to make the hour long bus journey seem a bit shorter – and it’s definitely not a disappointing read.

Opening page for the application.

This is a well written and easy to understand paper, giving all the stuff you would like in a simple package. Being a free newspaper you often don’t expect high quality and of course, this isn’t fancy. But, for some reason it works and works well. So, as you can imagine when I discovered there was a Windows Phone app I was excited – and after a short time I couldn’t wait to write a review.

The App

First of all, I’ve previously mentioned that this is a UK newspaper and that’s probably caused you to assume this is predominately British news. This isn’t the case — all the articles published concern world news too, giving this app a wider target audience.

Reading an article.

Opening up the application you are faced with a home screen which shows all the top stories. On the day of writing this was “Superstorm Sandy: Barack Obama visits New Jersey as damages estimated at $20 billion.” Selecting this story I’m brought to a page which shows pictures and writing in an easy format.

At the bottom of the page there is sharing features which allow you to post to Windows Live. To use this feature more I would probably need Twitter there too – this lack of abilities is annoying. You can also comment and change the font size quickly.

Quick navigation is what this app is all about, swiping to the left or right will take you to the next article — fluidly moving from place to place isn’t a difficult task.

The different categories.

Going back to the home screen the next tab along is categories. Here you have a range of different genres all the way from Sport to the Weird stories. I love how you can quickly drag a category to your home screen and make a live tile. This is an effective method which makes it much easier to find the articles you’re actually interested in. Next along is the gallery, which shows all the pictures from the day’s news. However, you do have a few battery saving options here.

Picture gallery.

By going into content settings, you can choose when the app will download pictures and refresh new content. The four options are: WiFi with mains power, WiFi, any connection to the mains, or any connection. This section is definitely for those on limited data usage or low battery life. Offline mode is something which may appeal to some users too. If you want to download all the content instantly, you can click this and they will be made available whether you have connection or not.

Another option in the settings is storage and usage, here you can check how much data each part of the paper is taking up. These can be quickly wiped out by clicking on the trash bin.

Why Use Metro

First of all, unlike a lot of other newspapers, Metro lets you keep in control of data and battery usage – I love it. This means that at the end of the month a massive bill isn’t going to be forced on top of you. Downloading the content via WiFi in the house and then going out solves this simple problem and makes your life a bit easier. The app also looks very professional. With vibrant colours and a great user experience this app has a strong structure behind it.

The video gallery.

Wrap Up

Metro is a fantastic newspaper app for anyone. Compared to others Metro does seem simple, but that works in their favor. This means that no one is confused or misinterpreting the content which is displayed. The whole app is completely free too with no limit on the number of articles you can read. You’re really getting the full package.

Are you looking for the next big news app for your Windows Phone? Need an app which will suit your professional lifestyle and give you everything you need on a daily basis? Then Metro is definitely the app for you! Thanks for reading, let us know what you think below!


Metro is a free newspaper app which allows you to read all about the day's events.