Your system is running slow again. Starting up your computer is excruciatingly painful. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that you don’t shut it down for days just to avoid waiting for it to start up. You haven’t cleaned up your registry in a while. You haven’t even cleared out your browsing history since you bought the machine.. You know you need to fix it, but there’s so many problems you don’t even know where to start. Well Wise Care 365 might be for you, because it’ll do everything in one place.

This all-in-one system cleaner can help speed up your computer and clean up your files, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner experience. Read more for the full review and usage walk through.

Installation & Launch

You can download Wise Care 365 version 2.03 directly from the company’s website. The file size is 7.54 MB and is Windows exlcusive (XP, Vista, Win7/8 – both 32-bit and 64-bit). Installation is simple enough and the setup takes you through a series of “nexts”. Upon completion, it takes you directly to your desktop and points out the program among the clutter of desktop icons:

On cluttered desktops, this is a useful feature.

Launching the program starts you off with a tutorial asking you to first select your preferred skin and language. It then takes you through each of the major components of the program so you know what they do.

The guide shows you all the features of the program.

This section helps users get acquainted with the software, and is quite useful for beginners. Once this walk-through is complete, you are presented with a “Check Up Now” option, which will scan your computer to increase optimization.

The scan is quite quick and the UI makes it easy to know how to use the program.

PC Checkup

In under a minute, Wise Care 365 completed the full system scan and shows areas that could be fixed to optimize the computer. The system I used showed a very low score of 2.0, indicating that there is a lot to fix. It lists these problems in an easy to read list.

Most problems are simply wasted disk space.

Wise Care 365 automatically prompts a data backup when clicking “Fix Now”. This creates a restore point without using the Windows System Tools, and is a useful feature that ensures the system clean up doesn’t permanently harm the computer. After clicking the fix button, the test PC gained a miraculous 9.0 in health. It also gives the option to manually fix the options that could not be fixed automatically.

A list shows you what has changed as a result of the fix.

System Cleaner

The next step is to use the system cleaner, where users are presented with four options.

Registry Cleaner

This is a basic registry cleaner that gets rid of invalid or redundant entries that could be slowing your system down.

The registry cleaner helps speed up your computer by deleting redundant / broken registry entries.

Certain “problems” and “unsafe entries” remain even after the cleanup. The program automatically selects some entries to clean up for you. You can also manually go through entries and decide whether or not to keep them.

Common Cleaner

This cleaner reviews cached files and determines privacy risks. The program is relatively fast with the clean up, and very few operations take longer than 5 minutes. It took just the click of the button and under a minute for the Common Cleaner to do its job.

This cleans up your browser cache and other temporary files, freeing up hard drive space.

Advanced Cleaner

This option lets you search specific locations to save you time. This allows you to set specific drives or directories to scan and clean up, saving time and protecting files that you don’t want to remove.

Advanced users can use this to clean up specific directories

System Slimmer

If you’re really running out of space, you can use the System Slimmer to get rid of all that Windows sample media or obsolete installers.

By deleting old installer files and sample media, even more space can be freed up.

System Tuner

This next tab also gives you four options. If you’ve already done the PC Checkup, then System Optimization will will not have any new operations that it could execute to clean up the computer. The disk defragmentation took half an hour to complete, which is approximately the same time a typical defragmentation takes with the bundled Windows defragmenter.

The disk defrag utiity is more visually appealing that the one built into Windows.

The Startup Manager lists all the programs that automatically run when you start your computer all in one place. Generally, these programs are what cause your system to start up so slow. While msconfig provides the same service, having this featured bundled with all the other cleaning tools in Wise Care 365 allows you to run through a full system clean up from one program.

The Startup Manager blocks certain programs from running on startup, decreasing the time required for boot.

Privacy Protector

The Privacy Protector also has four tabs: Privacy Eraser, which removes your Internet browsing history (this portion is only available in Pro Version), Disk Eraser, which completely removes deleted files; File Shredder, which makes prevents a file from ever being restored; and finally Password Generator, which creates a password for you based on how strong you want it to be. While generating strong passwords is a useful feature, remembering them without a password locker to store them (such as KeePass) is near impossible. A bundled password locker would have been a handy addition to this software.

The password generator creates complex and secure passwords for you.

Why Wise Care 365

Most of the features of this software are included features or bundled programs in default Windows configurations. However, having an all-in-one tool allows you to work from one program.You don’t have to go to your web browser to clear browsing history, then your defragmenter to defragment your disk and registry, then your system tools to create a restore point, and the additional file-shredder, password generator, and startup manager tools are useful.

Pro Version

As you can see on WiseCleaner’s website, there are definitely some benefits to going Pro:

A comparison between the free and pro versions.

For the average user, deleting browser history is very useful, and the themes and skins can help tune the software’s appearance to your preference. Wise Care 365 does a good job at providing a great free product, while providing good benefits to paying customers. On an enterprise level, technical support and automatic updates can also be very useful.

Wrap Up

Overall, I think this software achieves exactly what it’s pitching to you: an all-in-one PC optimization tool. It cleans, optimizes, and defragments while giving you a few other nifty features along the way. It saves time and brainpower to have to deal with different tools and it isn’t overly invasive in setting up automatic restore points and system scans. All in all, a great utility to keep your PC in check.


Wise Care 365 is a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is a great solution to improve your PC's performance.