Blocked In: Puzzle Fun for Everyone

I’ve always wanted to write about a game for AppStorm. Even though the marketplace has an awful lot of games in its repository, Blocked In gained my attention the moment I saw it – mainly because of its ratings. It was love at first sight and I badly wanted to write about it.

Blocked In is basically a puzzle game and is one of the most downloaded game in the Windows Marketplace. True to the developers’ word, I found it a very addictive game. Should you give it a chance too? Read on to find out more!


Blocked In has a 6×6 board which consists of a number of beige colored blocks and a single red block. The beige colored blocked might be two or three squares in length and they are placed in the board either horizontally and vertically.

The thing is that the horizontal blocks can only move left and right while the vertical can only move up and down. The size of the red block is fixed to two squares and is always found in the middle of the board. On the extreme right of the board is an exit.

The main objective of Blocked In is to move the red block to the exit. It might sound simple and easy, at least that is what I thought until I played the game. But in order to move a single block, I had to make at least five to six moves and it poses a huge challenge.

User Interface

Blocked In has an elegant and a simple interface. The background is always wood no matter what theme you choose and hey, you can choose from a set of three themes. The other two themes are original and stone.

You can change the theme halfway through a game if you are bored with seeing the same interface. The app has a limited set of settings which includes sounds effects, volume and the theme. The mobile doesn’t vibrate when you move a block but it makes a “thud” sound which is very much appropriate to the game.

The only thing that bothered me in the game is the advertisements at the top. It takes up 10% of the screen and it is quite distracting with random pop up texts.

Checking Out the Gameplay

Now that you know how to play, there are two modes available in Blocked In. One is the Challenge mode and the other one is Relax mode.

Challenge Mode

In the Challenge mode, the objective is to get the red block out of the board in the fewest steps possible. There is no place for trial and error. The app keeps track of the steps in the top of the screen. The lower the moves, higher the number of stars you get – the highest being three stars. After you have successfully finished a level, the app mocks you by saying you could have finished with an ‘x’ number of steps.

If the steps are embarrassingly high, or if your board is a whole mess, you can refresh the board thus refreshing the number of steps. This really came to my rescue an unacceptable number of times. The refresh option is quite useful if you are an obsessive gamer who always wants to get three stars in each and every level.

If you can’t figure out a way to push the red block out of the board, Blocked In helps you by giving out hints. But in order to get the hints, you have to give up one credit points. But if you give up one point, you can get as many as hints in a single level. When you move out of the level, the used credit point is of no use to you.

By default, you get only three credit points and if you use all three, then you will get no more hints until you finish off a level without the help of the hints. One more thing worth mentioning here is Playback.

When you play in the Challenge mode, the app records the game so that you can view it later. This feature is particularly useful when you want to see where you went wrong.

Relax Mode

Enough about the Challenge mode. The other one I mentioned earlier is the relax mode. This is a stress free mode where no one judges the number of moves you take. You can take as many moves you want and there are no stars involved here.

In both the modes, if you can’t finish off a puzzle, you can skip it current one and move to the next one. So, there is no pressure of finishing the current one to continue with the game. I simply liked it, booya!


I downloaded the free version and it consists of two packs namely Original Pack and Mega Pack. The Original pack has precisely 100 levels. In those levels, the first 20 is easy, 20 is medium and the remaining 60 is hard.

The Mega Pack offers a whopping 500 levels and in those levels, you get 100 easy ones, 200 medium and the remaining 200 are pretty hard.

When you start playing by choosing a mode, you start with the level – one which is easy. Of course you can skip the easy levels and start playing with the medium ones, but you are facing a lot of taping “next”. It could take a while and who wants that?

But by tapping on the Levels in the home screen, you can specifically choose a level and start playing with it. If you have completed a level, the game shows the number of stars you have been awarded.


Blocked In is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played and the fact that is has oodles of puzzles makes it super addictive. I strongly recommend downloading Blocked In and I guarantee you that you’ll love it. I give it a 10/10.


Blocked In is a simple but really addictive puzzle game where the goal is to get the colored block out of the board. You do this by moving the other blocks vertically or horizontally to clear the way. With 600 unique puzzles this game will keep you entertained for a long time.

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