App Discovery for Windows Phone With AppTastic

A few hundred apps are released everyday in the Windows Marketplace. The problem is that there are only a few apps that may interest you and would want to install in your Windows Phone. How would you know which one is good or which app is absolutely useful and entertaining without scouring through hundreds of app reviews? This is where Apptastic comes in along.

Appatstic is an app discovery app which sorts out the wheat from the chaff. It doesn’t do only that. There is more to it. So, let us find out about the other features.

First Run

As usual, the download is a piece of cake. Go to the Windows Marketplace and find Apptastic. The app is a measly 12 Mb in size so things should be moving on ahead quite quickly.

On first run, you’ll notice that the design is neat. Even though a lot of apps are displayed on the screen, you don’t get the feeling of it being cluttered or disorganized. Kudos to them.

Apptastic is ad supported. But it only take a tiny part of the screen. Cheers to that. The app background is all white and there is no other choice of themes. The app breaks down in to five different screens viz., favorites, search, categories, my apps and watch list.

Getting Used to AppTastic

Apptastic is a very easy app to understand. All the apps are categorized and sorted out in the Favorites. They have given you a set of predefined categories like free apps, apps on sale, Xbox Live! games, Xbox Live! games on sale among others. You can add new categories to the favorites, delete irrelevant ones and reorder them as you please.

In Apptastic, you’ll notice two things at once – total apps and a bigger green number found at each category. The definition of total apps is pretty obvious. The large green number defines the apps that are new, upcoming or interesting and those that are worth your time.

In each of the frames, you can see a small bar at the bottom that shows you the count ie., the number of apps that are listed. If you don’t find that necessary, you can simply drag it out of your screen.

Major Features

When you tap on the app, a new screen opens within the application and you can see the details, screenshots and the reviews of the app. Say you like an app and it is $1.5. You can keep an eye on the app by tapping on the eye icon found at the bottom. By doing so, the app is automatically added to the watch list and you can check it out if there is a price drop. Having said that, you don’t get notifications when there are any changes in the price. Bummer.

When you like an app, you don’t have to go to the Marketplace and search for the app to download it. In addition to the Eye icon, Apptastic gives you two other useful icons. By hitting the install icon in the bottom, the app transfers you to Windows Marketplace in your mobile so that you can install the app directly from there.

The other icon lets you add the app to My apps page which keeps track of the size of the application and gives you the total size of everything you have added there. This one comes in handy if you are concerned about the mobile space the app takes. You can see the total and decide.

In front of the name of the app there is either a green bar, a blue bar or no bar at all. I took quite a lot of time to figure what it actually meant. The green bars represents newly released apps, the blue denotes the app has gone through a price change and no bars simply means they are old.

Searching for Apps

One of the most useful features is the Search screen without which you wouldn’t be able to find exciting apps that suits your criteria. The search options here are so deep that it filters out even the apps that match the most complicated search combination.

In the search area, you can find apps by popularity or release date, order the searched apps by ascending or descending, set a price range and set changed price range. Did you know you can even search for apps with specifically one star or four star ratings? Yeah, you can!

Apptastic gives you the option of searching an app in a specific category. The categories listed here match the exact list that is found in the Windows Marketplace site. When you choose a specific category, the subcategory lists categories that come under the main category.

Every time I loaded the application, Apptastic shows a tip which makes the app easier to understand. I found them very useful since some parts of Apptastic could be a bit complicated. A good example is the blue and the green bar. Without the tip, I wouldn’t know what it meant and no help is found in the internet.


One major drawback of Apptastic, I noticed, is it can be slow at times. When you go back one page, it lags a bit and can be a bit irritating. The prices listed in the app matches USD and anyone outside the USA – like me – only get the USD prices and you have to check with Marketplace to get the correct price. But when you hit the install button, it automatically takes you to Windows Marketplace. So you can check there before installing the app.

Wrapping Up

Having an app discovering mobile app is essential without which it is hard to find good apps in the market. Compared to other apps, this one works like a charm and I found some really nice apps through Apptastic. It is a free app and thus you have nothing to lose here. Check it out!


AppTastic helps you discover the apps that you love! Faced with a sea of apps it’s easy to miss great ones floating right below the surface. To stay on top of what’s new AppTastic swiftly cuts through the sea to find the apps that matter most to you.

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