In this roundup, I am going to share with you the latest and future releases for the next few months. This is an exciting time in the gaming year, as big sequels such as Diablo 3 have hit the shelfs over the last couple of weeks.

I will briefly explain some of the most interesting releases from different genres, encompassing everything from third person shooters to sports, to keep you captivated for the forthcoming future. Read on to find out more!


E3 — it’s a magical place in a magical time. It’s where companies like to show of their shiny games and hardware. And people like me attend in droves to check out what’s on show.

As easy as it is to follow what’s going on over there , it’s not always easy to attend the show itself. Geographical limitations is just one facet — there are always the issue of getting invited or getting tickets, work deadlines or personal factors. Myself, I’m not able to make it this year.

My question is: are you? Which booth will you be hogging, much to the others’ chagrin? Which keynote are you looking forward to the most?

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

There may be many times where you or someone you know could use a little help finding or doing something on the computer. Calling or emailing someone text directions can be a big problem. Also, you may want to show something on your screen to customer service or send something funny to a friend. To do these cool things you will need an application that can handle the task and that is where Jing comes in.

Jing is a simple way to capture and share what is going happening on your computer screen. Jing also has cool share functions that integrate with Interested? Of course you are! Read on to find out what I think of Jing!


There are a number of ways to improve the performance of your computer, and one of these is to stay in control of the programs and processes that are running at any given time. Windows includes the Task Manager which includes fairly basic options for closing applications, monitoring system performance and keeping an eye on services.

If you are a power user, you will no doubt have found that Task Manager is a little on the basic side and if you are looking for greater control over your computer, Task Manager DeLuxe is a free alternative that not only provides you with more information and remains easier to use.


DVD’s are things of the past and not just on PC’s.  The DVD disks are too fragile and a pain to maintain.

With hard drives being sold at throwaway prices, people started moving away from DVD drives and looking at their PC’s as an convenient alternative. Today, I’m going to show how to turn your PC into a media center.


Think about everything stored on your computer right now. Photos of special moments, that great vacation, or the last time you saw a friend, copies of the project that you’re working on for months or the paper you’re writing. Financial and tax records.

What happens if something happens to your computer and all that was lost? Let’s take a look at how to avoid all that tears and heart ache with CrashPlan!


For Windows users there is virtually no end of choice of apps and with such a wealth of software titles, things can easily get somewhat overwhelming.

One of the great things about having a huge selection is not only the fact that there is choice, but also that there are free as well as paid-for programs that do the same job. We’ve collected together 50 of the finest apps to save you time hunting for the tools and utilities you need.


Traditionally gamers attribute the advent of gaming to PC. Though it’s true to certain extent, the reins dates back to early ’50s. While the first game was a really simple version of Tic-Tac-Toe- ‘Noughts and Crosses’, gaming has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Today, we’re going to take a look back at the evolution of the gaming industry over the years.


E3 has always been a big deal to me — it’s where a lot of big names show off their quality titles. I hope to go there one day but till then, I’m going to have to be satisfied with watching live streams.

This year there are a ridiculous number of games scheduled to be on show. Shooters, role playing games, brawlers, platformers and everything else under the sun.

Personally, I’m really stoked about seeing more of Halo 4. As many times I’ve been asked to finish the fight, I can’t help but go back in every time. I’m just that invested in the Halo franchise!

Which game are you looking forward to the most? I’ve added some AAA titles off the top of my head so feel free to add any that I’m missing.

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

I’m a huge fan of simulators, and the majority of my articles on Windows.Appstorm are about them. I’ve recently discovered one that is the perfect blend of accurate physics simulation, coupled with the objective of being fun and none-too-serious. This game is called Kerbal Space Program and has gotten me hooked, now I’d like to share .

So what do you do? Well as of the latest Alpha version 0.15, you can build rockets and spaceplanes which you launch and fly yourself into orbit around a fictional earth-like planet called Kerbin with two moons, the Mun and Minmus. The pilots of your creations are the Kerbals, their dream is to go where no Kerbal has gone before.


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