We all love getting something great for free! However, hunting down the good free apps from the terrible ones in the jungle out there can be a difficult job.

Fortunately for you, AppStorm is here to help. We’ve collected together some awesome roundups of fantastic free apps for every device you own – all while trying to keep a mix of old classics and new favourites, hit the links below and immerse yourself!

Over the forthcoming months at Windows Appstorm, we will be looking at each integral part of your computer: from the minor parts to the most important pieces of your machine. We will be reviewing the best choices available to help you make the best choice when building your next PC.

In our first edition, we will be looking at the best on offer in terms of computer cases. An important part of your computer, it needs to be suited towards your certain needs to control and stabilize the other hardware. In this article, I will be looking at four different price bands, choosing my favourite case from each.

Hopefully some of them will appeal to you! Read on to find out!


Installing an application, any application, leads to certain issues. You cannot copy the application folder to another computer and expect it to work. Keep in mind that every time you uninstall the application, it sometimes leaves behind junk data, and, in order to use the application again you have to reinstall.

Here are 15 essential portable applications that might help you avoid such problems. Pack your favorite applications into a pen drive and take it with you wherever you go and use them without installation. Never worry about leaving information behind.


There is no doubt Windows 8 is going to be the star attraction amongst the software lineup of the current year. All Windows releases get a lion’s share of the spotlight and customer attention, but this time the effect is going to be amplified many times over. This buzz is largely due to the Metro interface that’s making a transition from Windows Phone 7 to millions of desktop computers.

At this juncture, each and every tech enthusiast out there has witnessed and appreciated the awesomeness of Metro and people can’t wait to have the same goodness on tablets and desktops. With the Windows 8 Release Preview launch from a few days ago, we are inching closer to the final launch date.

After the break we have covered in detail what’s new and what has changed in Windows 8 since the consumer preview. Hit jump to learn more!


October 2011. Nokia was ready to showcase its first effort in Windows Phone with the Lumia 800, only ten months after announcing the switch from Symbian to Microsoft’s operating system as its main smartphone platform. Touted as the “first real Windows Phone”, the Lumia 800 was received with big fanfare from the Nokia fans, and a few shrugs from the Android and iOS crowd, as well as Samsung and HTC who had already released several Windows Phone devices.

Now, eight months after the announcement, the Lumia 800 has been out-spec’ed by the Lumia 900, and out-bargained by the Lumia 710 and Lumia 610, yet it still holds a good place in the Windows Phone ecosystem, with frequent updates and many operator contracts worldwide. Here is my personal review of it, focusing on the specific Lumia experience compared to other Windows Phone devices, outlining the reasons of its success as well as the shortcomings that I’ve noticed over a couple of months of regular use.


A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving image can say even more.  Cliplets is a unique tool from Microsoft that enables you to create something that bridges the gap between still images and videos.

This free software lets you combine still and moving elements of video footage into a ‘cliplet’. This is essentially an image that includes a small amount of movement, or movement in only one area – the effect is quite spectacular.


Facebook has become an integral part of our lives — it’s really not an exaggeration. We can’t eat, sleep or perform any of our daily chores without sneaking a peek at what others are up to or telling people what we are up to.

We are not chained to a desktop all day. So how do we check what our friends are up to on the go? This is where Facebook app for windows mobile comes in handy.


Over the years, Microsoft has bundled several useful utility apps with their flagship Windows Operating systems. Sadly, screen capturing is not one of them. Sure, you can press “Prnt Scrn” and paste it in Paint as you’ve always done, but it doesn’t work for most of us.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very light-weight utility, Shotty, to capture beautiful screenshots. Join me after the jump to find out how it works.


To the average denizen of the 21st century, the smartphone has become to say the least, the essential accessory. Whether you’re in need of checking emails, snapping impulse photographs, playing a questionably riveting round of Angry Birds, or I dare say make a call, your trusty touch-screen is the place to go.

Of course it’s no secret that the the mobile phone was not always this glorious; back in the day the only real portable telephone you could get your hands on was the size of a brick and weighed – just as much. Even then, you would be restricted to the then-revered practice of just making a call. Of course times have changed, and we now live in an age of all sorts of pocket-size wonder. In this, there are many parallels to the ways that other technologies have matured and branched, and this is what I intend to look into.


In a gamer’s life, there is nothing more interesting than the announcement of a title that’s been long awaited. I clearly remember being super excited right before the release of Battlefield 3 and totally charged up when DotA 2 was unveiled last August. However, my excitement was cut short by the realization that my PC might not be able to handle the load of these ‘heavy’ games.

While a game’s performance depends upon the specifications of the system (fellow geeks, read that as CPU, RAM, HDD, PSU & GPU), optimization is another facet that is frequently ignored by most gamers. Having the juice in your components and keeping the juice flowing when it matters are totally different scenarios, and I am going to focus on the latter one here. So, are you interested in getting the best possible performance out of your PC while playing your favorite games? Read on to find out how!


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