One of the basic principles of Windows is that it is easy to run numerous programs at the same time, as well as having various folders open simultaneously. You can use the buttons that appear in the taskbar to switch between them, but when you have a large number of windows and applications open, you’ll probably find that your taskbar gets very cluttered.

This is something that you can fix with MoveToTray. This is a tiny little utility that can be used to minimize items to the system tray rather than the taskbar to help keep things a little tidier.


Gaming has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry in the recent years and is undergoing a sea of changes. With so many things happening all around, it’s difficult to keep track of all these.

In this series, we’ll rectify this by bringing you all the important news and announcements, new releases and other interesting events from the industry, every month. Join me after the jump.


Disc images such as ISO files are a great way to work with copies of CDs and DVDs, and it is quite common to find that software is provided in this format.

Ordinarily, to make use of disc image files they would need to be burned to disc, but by using Prismo File Mount you can mount the file so that it can be accessed as a virtual drive. Let’s


DLC is always a hot topic in the gaming industry, regardless of whether it’s about the hardcore or the casual crowd. DLC, downloadable content, is basically additional content for a game that you download after purchasing the game itself. This maybe an armor for your horse or a fresh new set of missions or maps.

As almost everything in the gaming industry, it’s quite polarizing. Some people, like me, simply can’t be bothered while others tend to get really, and understandably, aggravated by it. With the rising costs of a modern game and the volatility of the gaming masses, I can’t really blame the developers for trying to monetize their more popular franchises.

This week I’d like to know your overall gut feeling when it comes to DLC. Love it? Hate it? Or can’t you even be bothered? I’d love to hear from you!

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

Over the past ten years, the gaming industry has significantly evolved, rapidly growing to provide for the consumer market. As technology has become more advanced, the games we play have needed to progress with them. This has meant factors such as graphics and game play have changed the way they are presented.

Today, games bore me. I’ve found over the last few years that every single game seems to play exactly the same way. This has ultimately encouraged me to join the MMO world. But, that’s a different story. This story starts with a love of Harry Potter.


Everyone needs to take screenshots from time to time. Whether you want to grab a shot of an error message, want to copy an image from a web site, or want to record a high score in your favorite game, it’s handy to be able to capture what is displayed on your screen.

For basic screen grabbing, you need look no further than the PrtScr key on your keyboard, but if you want more control over the capturing process, you should take a look at PicPick, a powerful free tool that includes a huge number of capturing options as well as a built in image editor.


To make it easier and faster to pick up from where you left off with your work, it is possible to place your computer into sleep or hibernation mode. This not only gives you faster start times for Windows, but also ensure that the programs you were using are available just as you left them.

But when you need to restart your computer, you have to manually reopen all of the files you were using; this is, until you install Cache My Work web site .


Winner Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway. I’m excited to let you know that the winner has now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:


Congratulations again to the lucky winner — please get in touch at windows [at] appstorm [dot] net. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions and giveaways!


Anyone who has used Windows for a number of years will remember the occasional requirement to work with DOS. Although Windows has a rich and powerful graphical user interface, there are still times when the command line, if not DOS from the days of old, is still useful.

But the command prompt that is available by default is both limited and restricted, and this is where PowerCMD comes to the rescue.


It’s been over two weeks now since Windows announced their new competitor in the tablet market. Surprisingly, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much more till the release date draws near. The hype over the Surface has slowly faded down but does the Surface actually have the potential to rival the highly sought iPad, come release day?

It’s true, the Surface is bringing something new to the table, features which Apple could have only dreamed of. However, I don’t feel that the iPad contingent is really going to get up and switch over to the alternative operating system. Apple’s “proud” supporters are more likely to stick with it till the end of time, continuing to purchase their high quality and advanced products. In my opinion, the Surface appeals to a different audience….

Read on to find out who!


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