Fontli: Embrace The World Of Typography

Photography apps seem to pop up everywhere we go. Searching through the marketplace I constantly come across the “next big thing” in the photography category. It seems that the majority of us have moved on from the normal social networks and have transferred over to the world of photo social networking.

Unfortunately, we Windows Phone Users lack the ability to download the most popular app of this kind, Instagram. Until I came across Fontli, which quickly becoming one of my favourite apps. Fontli supports a sleek design which works perfectly with the layout. However, the most interesting feature is that all the pictures revolve around typography and how the letters are structured – something I hadn’t seen before.


Basically, Fontli is a social network for people who like to take pictures of type which amazes them. Sharing these pictures with the world is a great way to have them noticed by those in the same field. To be honest, I’d never really seen type as an art form, but Fontli really brings together the best of the best and shows you some amazing work. This app goes down a certain branch of art and has definitely got it to a tee.

Popular feed of pictures.

Getting Started

When you first download the application you’ll be brought to a home screen consisting of around twenty photos in a mosaic design. To actually gain the full features and options you’ll need to make an account straight away – without an account the app is kind of pointless. Tapping on the little man at the bottom of the page gives you the option to create an account through Facebook or Twitter.

Admittedly, I don’t like connecting apps to my social networking sites as sometimes they can post statuses – and this annoys me. But, I guess I’ll survive. I picked Twitter and after typing in my username and password, the app asked me set up a profile. Here you’ll need to enter a username, password, email and a small section about yourself. This took me around a minute and then I was done.

Main feed on Fontli.

As soon as this process has finished you can tell how much more you have at your disposal. Firstly, you’re directed to a “Recommend” page giving you a list of some people you may like to follow. From this point you can move to the separate feeds where you can browse all you like.

How Do You Use Fontli?

The first thing you’ll notice is that the app works very much like Twitter or Instagram. Clicking on a specific photo gives info, spottings, comments and likes. Each of these are pretty self explanatory, each allowing you to find out more about other peoples opinions. However, this is the resemblance part. For example, if I selected the photographer on this picture “typovar.” On his profile page, I have displayed, post number, followers and following. This instantly shows me how popular a specific person is on the app.

Spotting a specific type.

Shown here too is a quick description of the guy, as well as a link to his site. I can also take a look at which pictures he’s liked and favourited. Overall, I feel this is a nicely setup application which allows for easy transition between different people and pictures. This app is definitely set up in a way which creates a great user experience.


As you’ve probably guessed from my past articles, interface and appearance are features which I highly value. If I’m displeased with the general feel of the app, I’m usually turned off on the entire app. Fontli, in my opinion, has an interface which is to be admired. Possessing a basic white and red colour scheme, the app seems fresh and clean, accompanied by a mosaic design which captures the essence of the app and pulls everything together.

Network buzz of all the recent updates about the people you’re following.

I don’t think there is anything else I could say except that this design is fantastic — something which will please you to the highest extend.


When talking about functionality I’ll try to relate to the concept of a social network. If I were to compare this to others of the same type it would be my favourite by far. The app is just so easy to use and maneuver around. This adds to the experience by meaning you’re never going to be disappointed with general use. Of course, there’s nothing worse than a slow and problematic setup. You can quickly tell hard work has gone into the development phase and I can’t wait for more to come.

Finding out info about a type of font.


In conclusion, as a Windows Phone User you should be using this app. Fontli is a work of art in itself and is something which deserves much more status for what the developers have achieved. Personally, I’m falling in love with Fontli, the way it has grasped the social network concepts and transformed them into a clean and friendly experience is brilliant.

My main plus point is that this focuses on one specific breed of photography: Typography – and this pleases me a lot. It’s achieved something apps like Instagram haven’t. Focusing on one particular part means that everyday you aren’t going to be bombarded with any random pictures. This way you have a set topic and won’t have to differentiate between the things you aren’t interested in.

A great app which should be downloaded by anyone and everyone. What’s your opinion on Fontli? Let us know below!


Fontli is a picture based social network which showcases some of the best typography in the world.