How To Prank Your Friends With Windows 7

It is a boring day and you are at home with nothing to do and you just want to mess with someone. You could do a lot of things. You could take the Fight Night option (find the largest guy out on the streets, go up to him and punch him).

Or if you are a Windows enthusiast, you could try one of these pranks on your friend’s computer.

Flip Desktop Screen

This is the easiest and one of the most annoying pranks.

  • Right click on the desktop and select “screen resolution”.
  • Set the orientation to “Landscape (flipped)”

Now enjoy as your friend tries to correct what you’ve done. Even the mouse movement is reversed. Actually I am confused as to why Microsoft included this option in the first place.

Flippin' sweet!

Flippin' sweet!

Dvorak Keyboard

Dvorak keyboard has a different key layout than the default QWERTY. To set it as the default input language,

  • Go to control panel -> region and language
  • Click change keyboard
  • Click Add and check “United States – Dvorak”. Click ok.
  • Set the default input language as United States – Dvorak.
Choose left hand for further mayhem

Choose left hand for further mayhem

Now your friend will have a tough time browsing the internet or typing. This, however, does not seem to have any effect on MS Word.

Messing with the Mouse

Go to Control Panel -> Mouse Properties and you get a load of options to mess with such as,

  • In the button configurations tab check “switch primary and secondary buttons” and watch as your friend becomes confused
  • In pointer options set the pointer speed to max and uncheck “Enhance pointer precision” so that the mouse pointer goes haywire when moved by a tiny bit.

Or you can tape the bottom of the mouse with a small strip of insulation tape. Watch and enjoy as your unsuspecting friend tries to move the mouse pointer in vain.

Task Scheduler Prank

Task scheduler is an excellent tool to schedule applications to run periodically such as registry cleaner. It is also an efficient tool when you main intention is to get into people’s heads.

  • Go to Accessories -> System tools -> Task Scheduler
  • In the Actions tab select “Create task”
  • Set the action and trigger. The action specifies which application to be run. You can specify any file that you want to run.
  • In the trigger to set the schedule to be run daily every 5 minutes.
  • In the Settings tab select “Run a New Instance in Parallel”
Don't overdo the frequency. Once a day is fine.

Don't overdo the frequency. Once a day is fine.

Your friend will be confused to see your file open every 5 minutes. For an extra flavor, create a webpage with colorful words or a scary message of your choice.

Replace the System Sounds

Download an assortment of funny embarrassing wav files and replace the default system sounds with them. Have fun as your friend’s computer farts every time he logs in or out.

  •  Go to Control Panel -> Sounds.
  • In the sounds tab, select a particular action and change the sound related with it.

Windows Narrator

Use the windows narrator to annoy your unsuspecting friend.

  • Go to Accessories -> Ease of access and select Narrator
  • Check “Echo User’s Keystrokes”
  • Change the voice settings. Set it to max (speed, pitch) or min (speed, pitch).
  • Click “Control whether narrator starts when I log on” or go to Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Ease of Access Center->Make it easier to focus on tasks and check “Turn on Narrator”.
'tis un tres annoying prank

'Tis un tres annoying prank

Now the narrator runs every time your friend logs on and annoys him every time he types something.  If you check the “Announce system messages” then the narrator will narrate each and every one of his actions such as opening a folder, start menu… even focusing on an icon.

Frozen Desktop

This is one of the oldest windows pranks. But when done properly it still can throw off guard those who are not expecting it.

  • Auto – Hide the taskbar
  • Take a screenshot of the desktop sans the taskbar
  • Move some of the icons and files on the desktop to a folder elsewhere.

Now your friend will be able to open some of the files on the desktop while others seem to be glued to the desktop. Ensure that you have turned off the auto arrange option.W

Well, there you go. A choice few pranks to really troll your friends and family. Have you done these before? What were the results? Let us know in the comments below and thank you so much for reading!