Xbox One leak gives a peek at the new dashboard

If you’ve been following the Xbox One closely, you’ll notice that there’s been very limited amounts of information about the dashboard interface and how the console actually works available.

It’s true, even the media hasn’t been able to get much hands on time with the console yet, but today what appears to be a beta tester of the console has uploaded a video that shows off a few features of the new dashboard.

The video — which has been taken down a number of times already — shows off a number of features of the Xbox One. Perhaps the most impressive one is just how fluid the multitasking appears to be in the video, with the user able to go out of a game into the dashboard and the game still updates the tile in real time.

Obviously, the dashboard resembles Windows 8 and Windows Phone, which includes automatically updating live tiles and allows for tile customization. It also appears that the Xbox One allows you to pin almost anything to the home screen, such as Xbox Live friends.

On the original video, the uploader noted that the Xbox still has “a lot of bugs” but given that there’s still two months until release and that betas tend to be unstable, we’re not surprised at all.

We expect that the Xbox One will get more in depth coverage after the embargo preventing non-Microsoft use of the console lifts on September 26th at Eurogamer later this month.

Microsoft¬†really¬†doesn’t want you to see the video, though and is asking YouTube to take down the video actively. We’ll keep this post updated so you can see it.

Video via Neogaf Forums