Weekly Poll: Do You Think Metro Will Succeed?

I was talking to some friends about the impending launch of Windows 8, what it means for the tablet ecosystem and other assorted technophile topics when the topic of Metro came up.

The collective gasp that the topic evoked was.. funny. Some people tend to absolutely adore it while others tend to despise the very name.

Personally, I’m quite ambivalent about the concept as I feel it tends to work incredibly well on phones and tablets while feeling a bit clunky on desktops. That being said, I’ve haven’t used a Metro-enabled desktop for more than a few days so maybe it’s something that you grow into.

Either way, Metro has been Microsoft’s biggest risk so far. It’ll either usher in a new era for the company or sink it to unforeseen depths. I’m sure a lot of you are waiting to see the outcome of this paradigm shift.

This week, I want to know how you feel about Metro. I’d love to know! So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!