Watch this: Steve Ballmer’s emotional goodbye to Microsoft

Love him or hate him, Steve Ballmer has been a big part of Microsoft for the past 33 years and has held the CEO position for the last 13. He’s been a unique energetic personality that doesn’t really compare to any other speaker or CEO out there (if you haven’t seen this iconic video, where have you been hiding?)

Last week, Ballmer lead his final Microsoft employee meeting as CEO before he will step down in the middle of next year. The footage of his goodbye speech — set to the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing’s time of my lifeĀ — is tearful and powerful. It shows a man that was dedicated to Microsoft for the majority of his professional life.

It’s sad to see him go, the company will never be the same again and the video is particularly touching. The search for a new Chief Executive to replace him is underway but it’s not expected that the company will announce any news until 2014.