Virtual DJ: A Free Music Mixer

Have you ever wanted to DJ in your own home to mix and scratch but never had the time or money for the equipment. Virtual DJ is an application which offers you all of this and much more. Accompanied by a range of different features and a useful video editor, this app comes with all you need in multimedia package.

Virtual DJ is free for non-commercial use. There are higher paid options for this app, but they can be quite expensive. I will discuss these later in detail and what they all offer to the purchaser. Read on to find how you can get the right version to suit your musical preference.


Basically, Virtual DJ is an application which allows you to become a DJ. Personally, I have no DJ’ing talent but I do find playing around with my music to be quite fun. The app works by loading your own songs into the deck. This will need to be in a file on your computer after which you can simply drag and drop into one of the two bays.

These two bays allow you to overlap songs or create an echo with the same song. Once your song has started playing you have the ability to use all the features at your disposal.

Main Layout of Virtual DJ

Main Layout of Virtual DJ

The effect bar is really your primary tool. This contains sound effects, video effects and video transitions – in my opinion the sound effects are brilliant on this application. Echo, backspin and brake are just some of these interesting tools – these can be activated onto both sound decks. After you feel capable enough with the program hit the record audio button, this will start to save your mix’s – giving you the ability to share and listen over and over again.


From the onset Virtual DJ may look very difficult to understand. All around your page there is dials, buttons and many different settings which may throw you off balance. Finding out what everything does is the first obstacle and this must be done first, (before you actually start mixing properly). User guides are available on the Virtual DJ webpage, including in-depth instructions for everything from installation to effects.

Virtual DJ Deck

Virtual DJ Deck

YouTube also offers hundreds of different demonstrations and walk-throughs to the application. However, even with this hectic interface which will confuse, it still appears clean yet futuristic and technical – a great feeling for any budding DJ. However, if you own the Pro Version of the app you can log on and change the base skin of your decks. This customisation is great as it feels as if you’re replacing kit, and putting in new equipment – adding to the entire experience.


Virtual DJ’s concept is really to give the user their own mixing deck, allowing them to quickly and easily morph songs into their desired form. And if you take this as the sole purpose, this app is perfect. It gives me and many other users an experience which would have never even been attempted.

Virtual DJ is also pretty simple to use. The app doesn’t confuse users, or try to baffle them with difficult options. The developers have created a perfect app in my eyes. It achieves its purpose, carries it out to a high level and best of all, the users can actually use it.

Therefore, Virtual DJ rates highly on functionality. Possessing everything which is necessary on an app of this calibre. And I love it! The reason behind this is that now, I can enjoy all my favourite songs, but mixed up. Best of all they are mixed up by me, personally, this gives me unlimited satisfaction. Something else I actually did was share the songs with friends, asking for their opinion. This definitely creates a community element on the app, and pits friends against each other to form the best song!

Pricing Bands

At the start I talked about this being a free application. It does offer paid for options if you want more features. These will enhance your experience and allow you to access more tricks and features. These come in four main sections, with a few smaller packages: all are easily accessible on the main webpage.

Effects of Virtual DJ

Effects of Virtual DJ

All of these are reasonably priced pieces of software which can be easily used in many situations. If you would like more information on the different price bands there is a easy guide to follow online. Although, before anything I would just recommend downloading the free version of the app.


Virtual DJ in my opinion is a free application worth downloading. The amount of fun and experience you have the possibility to gain is huge. Even if you’re not interested in DJ’ing, try the free version – a really good starter kit. Then if you become more capable maybe try Basic Pro or Broadcaster. Both contain awesome features such as setting up your own radio station to performing in small venues.

I hope you can enjoy this app as much as I did.

Do you think Virtual DJ could be your next challenge? Let us know in the comments.


Virtual DJ is an application which will allow you to play around with your favourite tracks, editing speed, sound and bass are some of the basic features of this app. For the well trained DJ you will be able to scratch and mix to make your bedroom sound like an Ibiza club.

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