Surprise! Nokia announces Windows RT based tablet


The rumor that Nokia would release a Windows based tablet goes a long way back, had numerous leaks and was rumored to be announced multiple times. The company has finally announced that they have been building a device all this time.

Yesterday at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi the company unveiled the Lumia 2520, a 10-inch Windows RT based tablet that features the beautiful poly-carbonate design seen on other Lumia devices.

Engadget says the 10-inch device packs a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, a crazy-bright 1920 x1080p,  650-nit display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and LTE support. One of the biggest things Nokia is touting is outdoor readability on the device, saying it can be read in direct sunlight with no issues.

On top of this, Nokia claims the battery will last for 11 hours and offers a power-case for the device that will extend it up past an impressive 16 hours. We’re infatuated with the form factor and love that it’s been so well thought out. It seems like it’s one of the best designed tablets since the iPad was released.

Now seems like an awkward time for Nokia to create a Windows RT based tablet considering the fact that the rest of the OEM world seems to be dropping the platform due to lack of interest and massive consumer confusion. It also looks like Microsoft is poised to merge Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT which could be a problem for users if they don’t offer an upgrade path to the new, merged platform.

On top of this, it seems like the device is going to directly compete with the Surface 2 — considering the price will be just $499 — which could be an issue when Nokia becomes part of Microsoft.One would guess that the Lumia 2520 could become a Surface device in the future, but only time will tell.

For now, if you’re as stunned as we are with the device you’ll be able to pick it up in “Q4 2013” so likely in time for Christmas. Until then, drool away at the press shots below.