Surface Pro refresh imminent with Intel Haswell chip and adjustable kickstand

The Surface Pro may only have been on the market for eight months, but it’s already getting a refresh. The device was released at an interesting time — between Intel chip refreshes — which meant the device wasn’t so great on battery life and was a little on the chubby side. The good news is that it’s getting a refresh, which could make it the best PC on the market.

Today, Neowin reports that Microsoft is about to release a refresh to the Surface Pro device, something they believe will be called the “Surface 2.” Information given to Appstorm indicates that it may simply keep the “Surface Pro” moniker and follow a similar trend to Apple devices, simply calling it the “new” Surface Pro.


The refreshed device will feature a Haswell-based Core i5 according to Neowin, as well as a RAM bump to 8GB. Additionally, The Verge believes that the kickstand is rumored to be receiving some tweaks that allow it to be used at more angles than the singular angle that the current device offers. The Haswell bump may sound like a small piece of news, but the same chipset is behind the impressive improvement in battery life that the MacBook Air received when it was upgraded.

As for a date for the refresh, Neowin wasn’t so sure when it would happen, but an email to internal employees around the Nokia acquisition earlier this week suggests that the device will be released this fall. In the letter, Ballmer says there are two “[…] big launches this fall including Xbox One and our Surface enhancements.”

We expect the device will be released in October alongside Windows 8.1 to avoid taking any attention away from the Xbox One launch in November, but there’s no solid date set for release, nor any acknowledgement from Microsoft that such a device exists. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more.