Spotify- The Future of the Music Player?

Music playback on the internet has created a huge buzz during this decade and the last with the rise of websites like YouTube and applications such as iTunes dominating the market. Searching through online music players for your favourite songs can be a tedious experience. This is where Spotify comes into play.

Spotify is an immense database of over a million songs from every walk of life. For years, Spotify has been only accessible in Europe but has recently been introduced to the United States of America. I stumbled upon Spotify after struggling through the process of searching through other sites for years for high quality music and a fast service. Is it right for you? That’s what we’re going to find out!


Spotify is a music streaming player which can be downloaded onto your PC and only takes up 6.45MB of hard drive space. Spotify also prides itself on the 90 second sign up, which allows you to get started instantly. Some of my favourite features of the application are the Top Lists and Radio.

Top Lists is a collaboration of the top 100 singles and albums from a specific country. From this screen you can navigate to different artists to investigate their other musical hits. The radio function puts together a wealth of music from a specific genre to make your listening experience easier.

Spotify comes in three different price ranges, free, unlimited and premium. The differences between the three are as follows.

  • Free grants you 20 hours of music listening a month and advertisements every six songs. These advertisements can be annoying from time to time.
  • Unlimited, unlimited music and no adverts, this is $4.99 a month.
  • The premium offer is pricey at $9.99 a month but for the music enthusiast a worthwhile payment. Premium as well as unlimited gives you access to Spotify on your mobile.

The main benefit of Premium is the mobile feature, which is supported by many smartphones. You have the ability to transfer all of your playlist’s across to be listened to whenever you like. Whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

Spotify Home Page

Spotify Home Page

Design and Interface

The design of Spotify is smart and sleek with easy navigation to help you find the song or album you’re looking for fast. You can change the viewing layout though these are minimal. A feature I would love to see is more design options so you are able to personalize the application more.

The sidebar shows many helpful options including Starred and Play Queue, two features that Spotify uses well:

  • Starred is a list containing all the songs on Spotify you have favourites, from this list you can easily separate your music into playlist’s or just listen without searching.
  • Play Queue is a feature which enables you to set the next progression of songs. Being able to create virtual song streams is a feature which should definitely be used on Spotify.
  • All of these features and more, help to give you the easiest music experience possible. Specializing to your specific needs and providing an exciting experience.

    Play Queue Feature

    Play Queue Feature


    With the immense amount of songs available on the database you would expect a slow search tool. Spotify has made this feature fast and precise with instant searching to find what you’re looking for.

    For example typing in “Maroon 5” instantly gives me access to all their songs since 2007 and their top 5 hits. Providing me with a vast history of the band’s successes with a biography and related artists list to accompany it.

    Another argument that crops up a lot with music providers is sound quality. As a free member you will have access to 160 kbit/s of quality. Premium members will be able to double this to 320 kbit/s.

    Example of Artist

    Example of Artist

    Facebook Expansion

    In the past few months Facebook have made many new announcements including their partnership with Spotify. New features have been added due to this partnership which allows you to share your music on Facebook with your friends. Being able to chat with your friends about your music tastes, view their playlist’s and inbox them songs is great.

    This may seem brilliant for past users, though new users joining need to provide Facebook login details for access to Spotify or they will be rejected. This risk by Spotify may aid them in the short run, but people who would like access to Spotify without a Facebook account will experience a dilemma. Forcing the user to create a dummy Facebook account to gain access. This collaboration will be beneficial to both companies by encouraging new members to join both.

    Facebook Login

    Facebook Login


    In conclusion Spotify is an extremely effective music player, with great features and a wealthy database of music. The sound quality is high and the performance is quick and easy to use. Therefore I would highly encourage anyone to download this app straight away.

    Even if you just want access to the free version, Spotify is still a worthwhile download. Don’t be put off by the adverts as these are very short and won’t affect your listening experience. Finally, if music is already costing you more than $9.99 a month, premium is definitely an exceptional investment.

    Please tell us your view of Spotify in the comments!


Spotify is a music database, with access to over a million songs. A must use tool for the light listener or the avid enthusiast.

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