Rejuvenate Your PC With Advanced SystemCare 5

Every PC starts its life performing to the best of its capability. As the computer ages, the performance slowly degrades due to errors, junk files, malwares and other assorted niggles.  Are you longing to get your PC back to its former potential?

Help is at hand with Advanced SystemCare 5, a PC analyzer and optimizer application that fixes the errors in your PC and tunes it back to its former glory. Let’s find out whether it’s worth your while.

Download and Install

Advanced SystemCare is available as a freeware and a paid version. Once downloaded, open the setup file and let the wizard guide you in the installation process.

When you run the program for the first time you will need to configure the app a little bit, such as choosing the theme and language. In the freeware version, you have two different themes to choose from, Classic and White. The application is available in all major languages.

Inside Advanced SystemCare

User Interface

The visual appeal of Advanced SystemCare is good.  Open the app and you get access to all the major functions on the dashboard itself. But as you go in deeper you get access to a lot of customization options.


SystemCare White

You can change the appearance by clicking on the skin button at the top right corner of the screen. Six skins are listed, but only two can be used in the freeware. The rest of ‘em can be used only for 60 seconds. You can adjust the transparency also.

The smiley at the bottom denotes the status of your PC. Click on the status link near it and you will get a summary of your PC such as current status, what the application has done, etc.


Quick Care

Quick Care is a “Run it every day” feature that performs a quick scan of your PC detecting malware, cleaning up the registry, fixing invalid shortcuts, cleaning up junk files and a privacy Sweep, ie, clearing the system history.

Move your mouse over the Quick Care button on the dashboard and you get an array of options. You can choose what to do by clicking on “Get Details” and selecting what should be done during Quick Care from the list of options. Every option is customizable. The pro version allows you to set Advanced SystemCare to automatically run Quick Care periodically in the background.

Quick Care

The “Use Frequently” Service

Deep Care

Deep Care, on the other hand, goes beyond the normal PC check. It takes Quick Care to a deeper level and also performs other tasks such as

  • Disk defragmentation and a disk scan for errors
  • Scan and fix Windows vulnerabilities
  • Optimize startup items to speed up your PC
  • Optimize and repair system configuration
deep care

Far down the Rabbit Hole

Some of the options such as PC tuneup are available only in the pro version.

Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost optimizes your computer to Work Mode (Optimize the system for work purposes) or Game Mode (Turbo Charge your system for gaming).  Activating Turbo Boost essentially lets you configure which core system services and Non-Windows services to disable, halt unnecessary background applications, etc in order to accelerate system performance.

To configure Turbo Boost,

  • Click on “Configure” in the Turbo Boost panel in the dashboard.
  • Select the mode and choose which applications and services to disable in a step by step process.
Turbo boost

Turbo Charge your PC

Approach this option with caution if you are a new user

Advanced SystemCare lets you create rescue points so that you can roll back if you end up making a mistake. You can create a restore point by clicking on “Rescue” at the top of the screen.


The toolbox gives you access to all the features of Advanced SystemCare. Here you can choose to perform individual tasks. The toolbox is neatly organized into categories according to the purpose of each tool, thus making it comfortable for new users when using this application.

To access the tools, Click on ToolBox on the dashboard, select a category and choose a tool to run or configure. There are over 20 tools out of which some are available only in the pro version. Three of the tools, viz, IObit Malware Fighter (Security Menu), Smart Defrag and Game Booster (Optimize menu) need to be downloaded.


Bolts, spanners, Wrenches,… you’ve got ’em all


  • Advanced SystemCare excels when it comes to the array of services it provides. Each service is fully customizable.
  • This app is fast and puts little burden on the computer resources.
  • The UI is clean, good looking and easy to use.
  • It actively runs in the background managing system resources in real-time, constantly detecting inactive resources and optimizing CPU and RAM usage.


  • The Turbo Boost option sometimes may turn out to be the Achilles Heel of this app if used without caution. It doesn’t warn you against the side effects of disabling the services.
  • Some of the services are not as efficient as you would expect. For example, disk defragmentation is not as good as other applications dedicated for that purpose.


There are several applications that deal with PC cleanup and maintenance. But Advanced SystemCare beats them all by offering a wide variety of tools that ensures that your PC remains error free and performs best.

This application, though, might be a bit daunting for average users especially during customization.


Advanced SystemCare Free has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. With over 100 MILLION downloads since 2006, this fantastic, award-winning, free PC repair software is a "must-have" tool for your computer.