Why is Windows the Dominant Gaming Force?

The 21st century, the period of time that will forever be known as the technology era, no doubt. But with so much potential, each and every individual company has had its chance to shine and create a product that will shell-shock the World and bring a new period of technical entertainment to everyone.

But no-one is stepping up to the plate; is it time we had a competitor?

We have all heard of Apple, probably the most known company in the past decade. They’ve brought the world the iPhone, the iPad, iMac, MacBook, iTunes and lots more. But they’re still not breaking the gaming market – the hardcore market at least.

People still claim that Xbox and PlayStation are the dominant forms of gaming but how can they be? Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the franchise World of Warcraft, predicted that over 11,000,000 people have created an account for their game.

That’s one game… 0.15% of the worlds’ population today have played one game. That’s phenomenal. You can go on to list over a dozen games that must be close to their levels too with Counter Strike being a huge contestant. How can any other force compete?

Why are People Moving (Back) to PC Gaming?

A simple question with a not so straight forward answer, do you not agree? A long statement cut short would be that, with computers always evolving, people understand that an Xbox or PS3 will only contain the latest technology for a few months, before new technology comes out.

The “new” style of Xbox 360 (slim), was actually out of date within a matter of months. New Sandy Bridge processors came storming down the fronts, dominating new technologies, and now we even have Ivy Bridge. They just can’t keep up.

Xbox 360's evolution over the years...

The only resolution for this unfortunately, that Microsoft and Sony were to offer a range of upgrades for their machines. However the way they’re built, that’ll be a fiddly and difficult procedure.

PCs these days are also constantly making it easier for ‘console fanboys’ to move over. Xbox 360 controllers have been designed specifically by Microsoft to give the full experience of the Xbox, just on a computer. This has caused great controversy when it comes to people playing online multiplayer, mainly through the abuse that can be done with the controllers, but as before, it’s easier to stop people on the internet doing something they shouldn’t be, on a PC, than on an Xbox.

What Does the Future Hold for Gaming on PC’s?

Steam offers a great range of games that are now available for digital download on both Windows and OSX. Huge franchises, The Sims, have also expanded to MacOSX, and Linux is next in the firing range.

Developers are keen to make sure that PC gamers, stay on the PC. No matter what the issue is, they will try and resolve it. Gaming on MacOSX and Linux is still limited though, which is unfortunate for those users.

Personal computers are too easy to upgrade in this day and age. Even if you don’t know how to, Youtube can always offer a great range of tutorials on how to do so! It’s spectacular.

There will never be a day in which a computer cannot be modified to make it useful for any situation, and when technology evolves, we adapt. The survival of the fittest implies in everything we do, even in computers. Gaming will never be down; however PC will be the dominant culture for many years to come, no doubt.

To Conclude…

Windows is the dominant force and Windows will stay the dominant force for many years to come. Apple and Linux will need time to continue to get as many games as possible compatible, and the process will be grueling. But hopefully, it will be worth it.