Opinion: Why I’m Impressed With Windows 8 Email

Email, for most of us, is a vital part of every life as it allows us to communicate, being it sending messages or files quickly. Needless to say, emailing is a task we have all become accustomed to.

However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll always be looking for the best way to go about your email workflow. Of course each provider has a different set of features and abilities and this has caused arguments among folk for years — with everyone asking which the best provider.

Personally, I use Hotmail and admittedly, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of UIs. But even though I feel Gmail would be the best option, I stick with it because this is what I’ve always used.

So I upgraded to Windows 8, and signed in with my Hotmail account. Much to my surprise email was integrated into the metro-style front page – this was exciting. The arduous challenge of getting into my account was now over, I could simply and quickly read everything.


First things first, the whole design is beautiful. Microsoft has adopted a basic white colour scheme with font being a mixture of blue for unread messages and black/gray for read ones. Being a Windows Phone 7.5 user, this display isn’t too different though — this is the same display just on a bigger screen – I love it.

Main interface for Windows 8 email.

Everything is on the same page too. The main screen is split into three different columns which means that your opening screen is always the same. The first is your way to sort through the different categories: Inbox, Drafts, Junk and so on. The next is a list of all your recent emails, easily viewing all your messages instantly. The final shows your emails cleanly and to an appropriate size — everything seems fluid and sleek.


With regards to functionality the service works as well as it could. Sorting emails isn’t a hard task, but, making it as simple as possible is refreshing to a large amount of people. In this section I’m going to focus more on buttons and how to work your way around the app.

One feature which I really liked on the phone network was the way the app condensed emails. For instance, if I get five emails off my editor, instead of five separate emails I will have one with a number next to it. Clicking on this one will show all the rest, keeping your organization in pristine order.

Additional options.

Everything works by shortcuts too. (Ctrl+N)= New (Ctrl+R) = Respond (Ctrl+D) = Trash. As simple as that. Right clicking on emails will select them and bring up a box at the bottom of the page. The options here include: Sync, Pin to Start, Move and Mark as Unread. And that’s basically it, six buttons controlling the whole system.


Another thing I like is that when I log in to my computer there will a little notification at the bottom of the screen. And I know that I have my devices for this.

But, Windows 8 is all about bringing the home desktop and devices together into one package. This impression is clear everywhere and email is one of the main parts.


Overall, I hope you’ve managed to grasp how much I like such a simple part of Microsoft’s new operating system. Windows 8 has revolutionized the way we view the desktop and in the process caused arguments between tech fans worldwide. I’m not saying everything is perfect, but email is something they’ve aced!

What email system do you use? What’s your opinion on the way Microsoft has integrated this into the home screen? Let us know below!