iTunes 11: The Renovation

Apple released the highly anticipated update for iTunes December last year, and the redesign has caused much controversy around the Globe. But what do we think at AppStorm?

So What’s Actually New?

The most noticeable feature is definitely the brand new design for the iTunes program. It has a sleeker, cleaner and more effective style to the program. Given, it is very difficult to get used to once you have updated, but after a few hours of fiddling around you begin to question why this new design has taken Apple twelve years to bring out a fresh look.

The removal of the menu bar has cleaned up the look of iTunes 11, however it is simply retrievable for any iTunes savvy user. I myself use the Import sector of iTunes a lot as I have a lot of music stored elsewhere than iTunes (disks, digitally purchased albums), so finding it was key for me. Although they have removed the menu bar by standard, it can be easily activated which is very handy when getting used to the new settings offered by Apple.
iTunes 11: Renovation Grand View

The Apple store has also been redesigned, with integrating itself within the iTunes environment better than ever. The new tab to select between Library and iTunes Store makes the transition between both centres a much more pleasant experience.

And the final new integration is the use of iCloud. It has been significantly improved since iTunes 10, and has had a nice little styling added to it. All purchased songs linked to an iTunes account will automatically appear in your library, with the choice to stream directly from the Apple servers or download your copy to your library again, which is a revolutionary feature since the modern day computer hard drive space is decreasing, as our needs increase.

The New Look…

The new look is somewhat the typical ‘apple style’. The contrast between dark and light grey, with the use of the standard very dark grey for the apple logo and text works extremely well in iTunes. It always has, and iTunes 11 is no exception. If you take a step back, you begin to admire how much work has actually gone into just making iTunes visually appealing, let alone a very outstanding program to use for your day-to-day music needs.

If you, like me are a huge fan of keeping all of your music organised and well, it’s my secret addiction to make sure they’re all titled correctly, then the new album view will please your eyes like no other. Instead of a standard, block-like view for the albums, you can simple click your album and the titles now slide their way into view, and allow a simple selection. It’s such a smart and elegant new move for Apple.
iTunes 11: Renovation Client Views
iTunes has been redesigned across all platforms to make it look outstanding! The re-design on the ‘Now Playing’ side of the Music application on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is beautiful.

Apple Store has been slightly redesigned on iTunes 11 and looks more stunning than ever before. With a specific store design now for iTunes 11 it provides a unique way for the latest music fans to search and view their favorite artists music and also stream their music from iCloud instead of directly downloading. And the extra line-up button that has been added allowing you to create an on-the-go playlist is outstanding. The new look in the header of the iTunes client is grand, with the dropdown menu for all of your current songs in line to play next!

Final Thoughts

I personally have nothing but positive things to say about the new iTunes renovation. I feel that the new update has, although it does take some time to get used to, provided a great platform for a beautiful program to come back alive. What are your thoughts?