How Can the Windows Phone Store and Ecosystem Improve?

We’ve all heard of the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, giants of the application world. By providing the best and most accessible apps around, these database’s have forged a strong reputation which has been built up over time. However, for those of us who are oblivious to the Windows Phone, they will have never heard of Windows Marketplace: the app store which will hopefully compete with the forerunners!

But, at the moment it’s nowhere close to beating the competition. Currently I would describe the Windows Marketplace as pitiful. This is because of some issues which are in plain sight and other things they just haven’t done yet. Read on to find out what I think Windows id doing right or wrong and how this can be improved.

Devices and Availability

One major problem which probably isn’t Windows deliberate fault is that the range of devices on which the marketplace is available on is tiny. Only a few devices actually run that system. This compared to the huge amount of devices which Android runs is a complete difference.

But, as we have seen with Apple, their technology is only available on five different devices. That being said, they still have a huge audience, were first and have been built up over time – it definitely wasn’t instant.

Windows Phones!

So, what can Microsoft do? First of all, try and release a larger amount of devices running their OS. Branching out to other companies to develop their product would be fantastic. Releasing new devices would raise awareness and knowledge of the system too.

People would be more encouraged. It’s not that Windows phones are bad because they’re ruddy brilliant! Their exquisite interface and clever design make them worthy competitors! But a wide audience and more devices would be brilliant! You could say Microsoft already does this with the Surface release later this year.

Carrying on from the last point, popularity is a big problem. I assume one out of fifty people could actually name the Windows app store – although, it’s probably less. No one knows about it!

Windows really need to get Windows Phones everywhere. Windows have cracked the PC market, but the phone market isn’t going to come quickly. However, you could say the same about Apple. They were popular in the PC market, and then they made the transition to the phones – but, it wasn’t instant.


Apple did well because it was innovative. They weren’t the first to do something but they always nail the execution. Android did well because it was an affordable and stable system. What does Windows actually have which is desirable? I can’t name anything off the top of my head…

A Future Innovation For Windows?

If Microsoft wants to improve, they need something innovative and new, like the Surface. This is a device which will change the market in my opinion, bringing something new to the table which no-one has done before. The release of this device will bring unprecedented hype and improvement – setting them apart from the rest. Hopefully, the release of the Surface and other devices will propel them into a new league of greatness. And changing the way we look towards Windows.

App Prices

Ok, most apps are cheap and won’t blow a hole in your pocket. But something I notice quite a lot is that an app which is under one dollar in the Android store is sometimes 5+ times more expensive in the marketplace – which will encourage anyone not to buy a certain application. Personally, the most expensive app I’ve ever bought was around five dollars. And unless an app has something I desperately need, I will never spend much more – I just don’t see the point.

The Marketplace!

If Windows wants to encourage more people to use and experience the Marketplace, they need to try and get developers to lower the general cost of apps. It’s just too expensive at the moment and forces people away. Not good.


All in all, the Windows phone ecosystem has some clear loopholes. They don’t have enough awareness around the world and don’t have a wide variety of devices using their hardware – which is disappointing as the system is pretty good.

I feel the future does look bright though. They have new devices on the way which will definitely cause a flood of people to join in on the Windows Mobile OS. Let us know what you like about it and what you think could be improved! Thanks for reading!