Have You Considered Building Your Own PC?

Building personal computers has been a hit trend for many years now, but what is actually making this crazed bunch get all geared up and stuck in themselves?

From a personal perspective, I’ve been hit right across the face with the most recent trend of building personal computers yourself. Over the past year, I’ve built around 6 computers for friends, family and one for profit that have shockingly made me realize, it’s very easy to be ripped off when visiting your local computer store.

The most recent computer I built, was for a friend who’s brother was heading back to University soon and needed a computer that was extremely good at rendering (as he is studying Design in Uni). We sat down, planned out what the computer needed, and how we could cut costs by buying from individual suppliers instead of buying a computer out-right from our local PC World/Currys, which lead us to making a few shocking discoveries about why building is such a good idea…

Cut Costs

Cutting costs is always high on the agenda of those wanting to buy or build a new computer. It’s common knowledge. No-one wants to spend more than they need to, and why should they? I’ve sat down and compiled a few bits of details for you all that I think you’ll find very interesting:

PC World, one of the leading distributors!

Choice A
A HP Pavilion P6-2371EA, with an Intel i5-2310 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 2TB hard drive, all of this thrown together with a copy of Windows 8 for £649.99.

Choice B
A custom built computer, with an Intel Core i5 3330 processor, 8GB DDR3, a 2TB hard drive and a copy of Windows 8 all for £448.95.

Not only does choice B include a better processor (as rated by CPUBenchmark), but it’s also over £200 cheaper! That’s insanity in this day and age that companies, such as HP and PCWorld, charge over £200 just to throw it on the shelves and build it, considering that there are many many tutorials online for building!

However, is it all worth it?

What everyone needs to understand is that the big corporations are out there to make profit and only to do that. Their general support lacks in certain aspects and the delay between repairs can be terrible at times, which has without a doubt put me off over the past few years.

Your personal opinion and knowledge of computers is undoubtedly the key factor when contemplating building a computer, but even visiting your local computer business or forums online based about computers can really benefit your knowledge and bring you towards a greater knowledge aspect of the industry.

The bottom line…

The bottom lime is simple. If you’re comfortable enough to begin process of building, do it. There are many more pros than cons for building your own computer, however if the thought of building reslly does scare you, research it and have a look into it beforehand.