Graphics Over Gameplay: Why I Hate Current Games

Over the past ten years, the gaming industry has significantly evolved, rapidly growing to provide for the consumer market. As technology has become more advanced, the games we play have needed to progress with them. This has meant factors such as graphics and game play have changed the way they are presented.

Today, games bore me. I’ve found over the last few years that every single game seems to play exactly the same way. This has ultimately encouraged me to join the MMO world. But, that’s a different story. This story starts with a love of Harry Potter.

Starting With A Simple Order

As well as my love for technology, I have a similar affection for the Harry Potter series. Growing up around the installments have caused me to take a keen interest in the chain. Anyway, I was currently looking for a new game to play. So, I decided to purchase the first three Potter games from Amazon. These games being over ten years old now have become a relic of the past. Sufficient to say I was expecting to be thoroughly let down.

Harry Collecting A Wizard Card!

However, this didn’t seem to be the case at all. For the next few days, I couldn’t stop myself from playing. These retro-style games with basic graphics and a simple structure thrilled me more than the blockbusters of today; I couldn’t believe it. What started as a thrill to play as my favourite characters soon turned into an addicting experience. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Has the gaming industry actually changed for the better?”

Change For The Better?

It’s a fact the gaming industry has changed massively. Games such as Diablo and Call of Duty have controlled the market recently, and generated millions, perhaps billions, for their developers. Graphics today are extremely advanced, they amaze everyone and are always improving.

But, do better graphics result in better games? Graphics aren’t everyone’s top priority when looking for a new game. A lot of people, like me, value gameplay much higher. A game which is entertaining and keeps me playing for longer is at the top of my list. Nice graphics are just a nice bonus.

Gaming Consoles of the Modern Era

In my opinion, as the gaming world has become more commercialized, creators have assumed that higher quality graphics automatically lead to a better game, and thus more sales. As this notions has taken root, gameplay has suffered dramatically. This has caused developers to create games which will take a player from point to point with no added detail or story telling. This in my opinion is a massive issue: pulling in sales with incredible graphics, which takes massive time and man power to implement, but not dedicating themselves to the other aspects of a game.

Wrap Up

Buying these games has been the best choice I’ve made for a long while. Allowing me to indulge myself back into the world of old-school gaming was a great pleasure. In the future, I hope that game developers will try and revert back to the days of old. Creating a nice balance between graphics and game play would halt my negative attitude towards current developers.

In conclusion, I know everyone’s perspective will be slightly different. Whatever your view, this week try and dig out some of your old games and see how much they can actually keep you entertained.

Once you look past the initial decrease in visual fidelity, you will start to see something you don’t see in the games of the past year. A spark. A spark which will keep you captivated and exhilarated for longer!

What’s your opinion on this view? Do you agree with me? Comment below and thank you so much for reading!