DVD Drive, Are You Doomed?

DVD drives have been a staple of every computer or console over the past ten years. The ubiquitous storage medium has won over the world with its simplicity.

But is it the beginning of the end of the DVD era? Or for optical storage, for that matter?

The technology of this generations provides us such a variety of locations to grab what you need for your computer. The internet, USB drives, external hard drives — take your pick. You don’t even need a DVD drive to reinstall your operating system anymore.

Of course, the gaming industry itself makes billions a year through selling hard copies of their games in the form of discs, yet if you’re one of those people that do not play games on your computer, what’s the need? I’ll throw this into a real life perspective for you.

Last week, my boss at work asked me to build him a business computer (which will come soon in a business build informational) that could run Office 2010 perfectly, boot quickly, alongside the odd other applications he asked me too make sure worked.

USB Storage So Simple

I ordered all the parts, forgetting the DVD drive at the time, and built the machine. Grilling myself that I did not get one, I realized I really didn’t need one. I was able to grab all the motherboard installation software, Office 2010, graphic card drivers and everything else he wanted online or through a USB drive. Even Windows 7 was easily put onto a 4GB USB stick. It’s that simple, no discs or drive needed.

However, if you’re an avid gamer, some of the games you enjoy may not have digital copies for sale but I would be surprised this year. Everything is so easy to get online, and you no longer need to worry about CD keys, installation instructions — it’s all on the interwebs.

Possible alternatives

As you may know, Cloud storage is one of the most trendy products in the market today. It offers a simple and easy way to move your work and games from one place, to another, without having to worry about USB 2.0/3.0 sticks and being paranoid about losing them so simply. I know I’ve lost quite a few in my time, around 6 and they’ve all been 8GB+ in storage, which is around $140’s worth after a while.

For information on Cloud storage, you can read this article by Justin Stravarius here at Windows.AppStorm.net, but for one I recommend DropBox! It’s cheap, and does the job perfectly.


I was looking in the national newspaper the other day, and there was a pull out (poster) labelling the future in technology. I thought it was fantastic. The studies they had looked into predicted that the average household download speed would reach to around 35mbp/s, and the highest peaking at 150mbp/s by 2018.

Judging by these predictions being valid, and the future evolving that quickly in the technology industry (which we all know, it is the fastest growing globally), DVDs won’t be needed? We could download programs, in a mere amount of minutes, not hours. Games such as Battlefield 3 could be downloaded between 30 and 40 minutes. Who would use, or even need, DVDs?

Wrapping Up

My personal opinion on DVD drives is set — they’ll be gone from most PC’s in the near future. However I understand PC users that have them, to play older games and install software and gaming products that only have the standard disc copies.

Will we be saying bye to PC games CDs too in the future? Steam thinks so..