Microsoft to announce Surface 2 on September 23

After many rumors and leaks of the next generation Surface, it’s about to be official. Microsoft has announced that it will be holding a Surface event in New York City on Monday, September 23rd.

Obviously, we’re expecting two new devices at this event with both an update for the RT and the Pro lines well overdue. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a ton of leaks such as the confirmation of a Haswell refresh, an adjustable kickstand, docking station and new type of cover called the “power cover” expected.

It looks like we won’t actually be able to get our hands on the refreshed Surface devices until mid-October, but it’ll be nice to know what’s in store. If you’re interested in hearing what the company has to say about the new devices first-hand, they’ll be running a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Monday as well.

But hey, since the event is just over a day away, we’ll know soon enough. I loved the current Surface Pro when I spent a few months living with the device and nothing else, but there were a handful of flaws that needed fixing. If Microsoft fixes the problems with a new Surface, it could well be the perfect device.