Microsoft drops the “RT” from Surface naming

If you’d ever been into a Microsoft store you likely were very confused when confronted by two differently named devices. The “Surface RT” hit the market late last year while the original “Surface Pro” was released earlier this year and now Microsoft has dropped the “RT” from the original device’s name.

Both devices confused lots of people because while they appeared to do the same thing one of them couldn’t do much at all despite the desktop being there. Even Microsoft’s own marketing wasn’t clear at first with lots of customers buying something and finding later on they could only download apps from the modern style store.

Well, now Microsoft has dropped the RT part of the name from the original device alongside the rename of the new device to simply “Surface 2” to stop confusing consumers. Microsoft confirmed that the naming was confusing last month to Techcrunch and now the company has confirmed to The Verge that they are dropping the RT from all device names.

Alex Wilhelm at The Next Web thinks this is just the beginning and says:

Here’s what this looks like next: Microsoft releases a Metrofied version of Office. Now, you don’t get kicked to the desktop when you fire up Office. Now, the average consumer never goes to the desktop on Windows RT 8.1, unless they add the tile to their Start Screen. For all intends and practical purposes, that means desktop is over for Windows RT 8.1.

Well, funnily enough, the desktop is now hidden by default in Windows RT. Next up, Metroified Office!