Fun Photo Editing For Your Phone With Fhotoroom

For quite sometime I have been thinking about trying out a photo app. Believe me, the Marketplace has an abundant number of apps related to camera and photos and fhotoroom core seemed very interesting.

Fhotoroom is one of the apps which will help you tweak your images, add styles to it, save and upload to share it with your friends and family. I admit that I am not much of a camera person and so this app is a life saver. And it is always good to have a photo editor in your mobile. Let’s see whether it’s worth your time!

Download and Installation

It is pretty easy to find this app in the Marketplace. It is rated as the best photo app of 2012. Just type in the name and you’ll find two versions. The free one and the paid one.

The difference between the both is that the free version provides you with all the important features except that you can’t save the image after you edit them. The paid version gives you that privilege. So I strongly recommend you to get the paid version since what exactly is that point if you can’t save the image.

I have downloaded the free version though. The app is 7Mb and with a decent mobile internet it will take a seconds of your time to get it downloaded. Just tap on the app to get it up and running.

First Run

On the first run, you’ll find some basic instructions on how to use the app. Actually, it doesn’t go away. The home screen of the app always contains the instruction. Since it is short and sweet it is not really annoying and I am sure you can live with it. You’ll see four pages which you can flip through.

The user interface is fresh and clean with no jibber jabber and completely to the point. It has been a long time since I saw an app with black background and white text: no drama and very elegant. Kudos!

Starting it Off

You can either start off by opening a photo from your mobile or by taking a new image right from your app. I have already mentioned earlier that the home screen of the app consists of basic instructions. Just below that you’ll see three small icons: one to open an image from your mobile, the second one is to shoot a new photo and the third one to save the image after you apply all the effects.

The third icon is just a constant remainder that you are using the free version of the app. Just tap on it and the app will ask you to buy the paid version to be able to save it. Huh.

So, let’s start by opening an already existing image from your Windows phone. Once it is uploaded to your app, you can add all the cool stuff to your photo. And hey, this is where the rest of the tabs in the app comes in to picture.

Edit FX

I had no idea what FX meant and I googled to find out that it merely meant effects. The point of this is to inform you that I am a noob when it comes to photograpy but this app really made me feel like a genius.

Once the upload is complete, flip across the screen and you’ll see a tab with a lot of effects on it. The Edit FX consists of the basic editing you would do to an image like increasing or decreasing the contrast, brighteness, crop an image, saturation etc.,

And hey, there are more! You can also do a horizontal or a vertical flip, apply mirror effects to an image, change the color tone, white balance and resize the image. I had no idea sharpening an image could make it look a lot nice!

In order to apply the effects to your image, just tap on one of the effects. You can undo the effect if you don’t like it. There are over 15 of them. Check those out and it sure is fun.

Style FX

The Style Fx brings out the experimentation part of you. There are things that are quite complicated and rest of them are cool. You can select an image and apply over a 15 effects to your pictures.

You will find film grain, 3D effect, sunset, pulp fiction etc. Every effect has a small picture with the sample effect on it so that you don’t have to apply it on your image to get the idea of what it is doing to it.

You can increase and decrease the tone of what you are doing by the options below. They are self explanatory and doesn’t necessarily require any explanation. Complicated styles have super complicated options. So please figure it out!


The last but not the least part of the app is Frames. The Frames is the most interesting part of the app to me. However lame the picture is, when you put it in a nice frame, it looks really good. I just found that using Fhotoroom.

After you have applied all the cool effects, flip through the screen and you’ll see a number of frames tiled up. There are nearly 30 really cool frames from which you can choose from to make your photo pretty.

There are a lot of classy frames and some funky ones too. My favourite is Grunge 1. The frame looks old and shaggy and I just loved it. Just tap on the frames whichever impresses you.


As I have mentioned earlier, you can directly take a picture from the app and apply the effects. The options you get in the camera screen from the app is mind boggling. There are a LOT of icons lined up in the top and the bottom of the mobile screen and it would have been a lot easier if there was a tiny detail of what it does.

The good news is that the images are saved automatically to your mobile. It would have been unfair then. The images are saved to the Saved images folder instead of the camera roll.


Frankly, there are no major drawbacks in this app. Although, it would have been nice if the free version lets you to save the image after you apply all the effects. The app is not ad supported and I really appreciate that.

Apparently, the paid version lets you share the image through emails and all the social websites like Facebook and Twitter. But hey, I am not complaining.


This is an incredible app which is capable of making your pretty photos even prettier and you’ll actually learn something about editing out of this app.


Fhotoroom is a pro camera, photo sharing network and profesional mobile photo editor.

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